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Most Dangerous Gangs in the United States!

by Rachel Greene

Most Dangerous Gangs, United States Gangs

Dangerous Gangs in U.S.A

No other country has popularized the gangster image more than the United States of America. Starting with Al Capone to the fictional drug lords, there are American series dedicated to the rise and fall of these badass men. Turn from reel to real and you’ll find that these men who carry their gang affiliations with pride are brutal, inhuman and intolerant towards their rivals. What no one tells you on the outside is how dangerous these men really are.

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Dangerous Gangs in U.S.A

Asian Boyz: Don’t go by the ‘z’ in the end, the Asian Boyz are notoriously infamous for being the only Asian-American street gang to run alongside other established gangs during the 1990s in California. The baptism of Asian Boyz started as a group of immigrants banding together to stay safe. During the 90’s the gang carried unflattering whispers of being most violent. What makes these gang members dangerous is their lack of remorse or regret when tried for their crimes.

Crips: The list of dangerous gangs in the USA is incomplete without the mention of Crips. The Original West Coast gang is credited for romanticizing the notion of ‘gangster life.' They sprouted out from being a group of neighborhood homies to an infamous super-gang. Members of the Crips made bloody history back in the 80s and 90s on their path to fame. They were in the media reports every other week for claiming lives through drive-by shootings.

Bloods: If Crips have a bitter rival, it is the Bloods. The gang wars are so intense that the penitentiary keeps the gang members separated on indictment. The rivalry between Crips and Bloods goes back to the 70s when the former was growing in strength. In the Crips journey to the top, most small gangs were consumed and very few dared to stand up. One gang stood up and they were the Bloods, a group of smaller gangs which joined forces to defend against the Crips. Bloods take violence a step higher. They are outnumbered by Crips and compensate by violence where they lack in numbers.

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Gangster Discipline: Without a mention of a Chicago gang, the list is meaningless. Gangster Discipline was singlehandedly in charge of spreading havoc through Chicago gun violence. They sowed a seed of a retribution cycle which claimed lives of innumerable young men. Formed by Larry Hoover and David Barksdale on the South Side of Chicago, the gang was originally christened as Black Gangster Discipline. In contrast to the West Coast gang’s approach, Larry Hoover focused on controlling the drug trade in Chicago. Hoover eventually got arrested and the gang lost its cement leading to their greatest fall.

MS-13: A gang which is synonymous with violence is the MS-13 or Mara Salvatrucha with an international membership of 70,000 members. MS-13 is feared by their rivals and authorities, alike. MS-13 started off as an immigrant gang with youth from Salvadoran region who were children of peasants trained in guerrilla warfare around the time of the region’s civil war. In fact, their name proudly carries a reference to their origin and their allegiance to

the Mexican mafia. Crimes of violence from the members of MS-13 are many with a few instances being: stabbing to death of a17-year-old former member for leaking information to the FBI, murdering an infant and the mother in Long Beach, and torture, drugging, kidnapping and rape of a14-year-old girl in 2017 by two of its gang members.

Other dangerous gangs include Mexican Mafia, white supremacists of the Aryan Brotherhood, Surenos, Latin Kings and Hells Angels.

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