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7 Great Gifts for Fathers

by infohub

Gifts for Dad and Gift Ideas for Dad for any Occasion

Father's Day makes for a great opportunity to buy your old man a gift and let him know how much you appreciate him. Well, Father's Day is not here for a long while but that doesn’t mean you shouldn't surprise your father every once in a while. These 7 awesome gift ideas for fathers will make your dad happy and show him that he is always on your mind, and not only for one day a year.

1. Bomber jacket
These types of jackets flatter any body type and are suitable for every age. Sneak a peak to your dad's closet when you get the chance or ask your mom for his size and start looking for a bomber jacket in the colors he likes. You can be sure he won't be disappointed.

2. A delicious gift basket
Gift baskets these days don't have to be all lotions and potions. Instead, you can buy a ready-made basket of food and snacks your dad likes, or make one yourself. A meat and cheese combo always makes for a great food basket, and you can also mix in snacks, bagels, trail mix and whatever else your father likes to nibble on.

gifts for dad - a food gift basket
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3. A beverage tub
If your dad likes to knock back a couple of cold ones with friends or have barbecues, a beverage tub is a great gift for him. You can buy one for under 50$, and your dad will be able to use it every time he has guests over.

4. Wooden watch
A watch is always a great gift, and if you want to buy your dad one, make it special. You can buy some great looking wooden watches with a vintage look combined with a modern twist that will turn heads and put a smile on your dad's face.

5. A massage coupon
Yep – mom isn't the only one who needs a good spa day every once in a while. Your dad will definitely enjoy a good massage that will take the edge off and allow him to relax and have a couple of hours all to himself.

gifts for dad - a man getting a massage
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6. Wireless headphones
Even if your father is not a big technology fanatic, he will love a good set of wireless headphones. You can get a great pair on Amazon for less than $200 with all the latest features, and give him a great dad present.

7. Bedside shelf
Alright, this one appealed to the lazy side in us, and it's an awesome gift you would want for yourself. The bedside shelf is like a TV tray, only it doesn't have legs. The shelf clamps on the bed frame and acts as a table your dad can put anything he wants on it – from his laptop to his tablet, phone and popcorn bowl on those lazy weekends.

Everyone likes a nice surprise every once in a while, and if you want to surprise your father with some awesome presents, just choose one of the gifts for dad listed here, and you can be sure he'll love them.


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