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5 Real Life Super Heroes

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5 Real Life Super Heroes who Did Incredible Things

Whether you're an DC or a Marvel fan, you can agree that super-heroes are the most awesome creatures on the silver screen; they fight injustice, save humanity and do it all while looking amazing in tights. While we would all love to have a super strength that helps us save other people, sometimes the most amazing acts come from those who look just like you and me. They might not be able to fly, they don't have special caves and a cool utility belt, but these 5 special people are nothing short of real life super heroes who did some amazing things.

1. Jessica Cox – the armless pilot
Hands are one of the most important things for coordination, and there is no need to say that you have to have them to do the most basic things, let alone fly a plane. Jessica Cox, who was born missing both of her arms, set her sights on a dream – flying a plane. She managed to fulfill that dream and became the first armless aviator in the world and broke a Guinness record with her achievements. If you're wondering how Jessica manages to fly a plane, the answer is that she uses her feet to navigate the plane and the controls – a true super hero.

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Source: gettyimages

2. George Kourounis – the man who dove into a volcano
Yes, you read is right. George Kourounis - an explorer and documentarian, dove into a crater that had hot, piping lava in it. in 2017, Kourounis went on a journey to an active volcano in the archipelago of Vanuatu in the South Pacific along with buddy Sam Cossman. Armed with GoPro cameras and huge pair of you know what, Kourounis went into the Marum crater, with a few feet separating him from the ‘Window into Hell’ as he described it. Hellboy has nothing on this guy.

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Source: vimeo

3. Holly Christenson – the woman who makes princess wigs for sick kids
Holly Christenson spent years as an oncology nurse, where she saw patients lose their hair following treatments. She decided to put a smile on sick kids' faces by creating special wigs for themת hand made from yarn. The Magic Yarn Project had a successful GoFundMe page that raised money for this important cause, and you can see the results in the happy kids' faces who walk around with the best-looking hair.

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Source: Facebook/The Magic Yarn Project

4. Pieter Levels – the backpack millionaire
In 2018, the real money is found in start-up that bring something new into the market and make a pretty penny for those who came up with them. While he was living out of his backpack and settling for the bare minimum every day, Pieter Levels launched 12 successful start-ups in just 12 months – something that was unheard of before.

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Source: thinkapps

5. Andrei Rosu – the real Marathon Man
Andrei Rosu had a pretty simple plan – get in shape and set a good example for his son while he's at it. When he started training, he probably just wanted to gain some muscle mass, never thinking about the records he would break. Rosu got into the fitness thing in full swing and was the first man to complete 7 marathons and 7 ultra-marathons in all 7 continents! If that isn't cool enough, he is also the first man to play drums in the North Pole.

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