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What Are the Safest Neighborhoods in the United States?

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The Five Safest Neighborhoods in the United States

Every year police departments across the country issue crime reports that are very alarming in certain areas in the United States. There are places in the country where crime rates rise over the years, making them some of the most dangerous places in the United States. On the other hand, you have cities and neighborhoods that are the exact opposite – the crime rates in these places decrease, and they are granted the desirable title of the safest places in America. These 5 neighborhoods are considered to be the safest neighborhoods in the United States, and hopefully, other areas in the country will follow suit:

1. Via De La Valle – San Diego, California

With a population of 2,764 residents, Via De La Valle is considered to be the safest neighborhood in the United States. Maybe it's the peaceful canyon landscape in the area or the silence in Via De La Valle, but whatever the reason may be, this unique neighborhood has a crime rate of 0. That’s right – there are no crimes of any kind in Via De La Valle, making it America's safest neighborhood.

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2. Englewood Manor – Atlanta, Georgia

Like Via De La Valle, Englewood Manor also has a crime rate of zero, which is incredible. The neighborhood has a population of 1,159 residents, and Englewood Manor is considered to be a great place to raise families, which makes it high in demand for homes and apartments that can accommodate parents and children.

3. San Pasqual Valley - San Diego, California

Another San Diego neighborhood that is one of the top 5 neighborhoods in the state is San Pasqual Valley. The neighborhood has an average of 7 burglaries per year, but no cases of assault, murder, rape, robbery or any of the other common crimes in America. The neighborhood is quite big, with 28,123 residents, and the homes are surrounded by green hills and nature that make for a peaceful landscape.

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4. West Torresdale - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The population in West Torresdale is quite small, with 2,464 residents that live in the safest neighborhood in the state of Pennsylvania. Regarding crime, the neighborhood has 42 theft cases a year, and no other types of crimes. The median home value in West Torresdale is $203,100, and the area is very suburban and peaceful, both in its appearance and atmosphere.

5. Presidio of San Francisco – San Francisco, California

This pricy neighborhood has a median home value of over $2,000,000 and a median household income of $175,259. The crime rate in Presidio is 0, and the beautiful neighborhood is located on a coastline, near the Golden Gate Bridge. The fifth safest neighborhood in the country used to be a military situated in a park area. Nowadays Presidio of San Francisco is a residential area located among woods, hills, and scenic locations.


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