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How to Tell Your Friend They're Being Cheated on

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Advice on How to Tell Your Friend Someone Cheating on Them

It's another slow night, and you're flipping through Tinder or having a drink with some of your friends when you suddenly see a familiar face – your friend's significant other. There they are – looking back at you from your phone screen or having their arms wrapped around someone else. You realize the heartbreaking truth that you just caught them cheating, and after the dust settles, you need to decide just how to tell your friend they're being cheated on.

First of all, make sure you got things straight

When you see a friend's SO on Tinder or any other dating website, it's pretty clear what's going on. When you see them in public with other people, things can be a little tricky. That's why you have to be sure that the person you suspect of cheating is actually cheating. You can call up your friend the next day and casually ask what they did with their boyfriend/girlfriend last night. More likely than not, if someone is cheating on your friend, he lies about what he does. If you hear lies, it's probably cheating.

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Get evidence

Most people don't want to hear that their boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on them, which makes them go into denial and disbelieve. Remember – you are potentially ending the relationship between two people, so make sure you have evidence to back you up. Take photos, get screenshots of the cheater on dating apps and try to get as much proof as you can before you say anything.

Confront the cheater

Before you approach your friend, try to talk to their partner to see what's going on and get their side of their story. Meet them face to face and tell them what you found out. If they deny it, notice their body language that may indicate they are lying to you. Tell them that you have proof of what you saw, and give them a chance to come clean on their own.

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Meet your friend and talk to them in person

After you have all the proof you need that someone is cheating on your friend, meet them and tell them what you found out. Expect some severe reactions from them that are natural, given the circumstances. After you tell them, don't get involved in what happens because it's not your job. Just be there for your friend and comfort them until they get over the news and decide how they want to move forward.

Learning that someone is cheating on your friend is hard on its own, and it's even harder when you have to break the news to them. Be entirely sure that what you think is true when you break the news to your friend, and be as gentle and supporting as possible when you talk to them.


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