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10 Mom Tips for Young Moms

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10 Important Tips for New Moms and First Time Mom Tips

Having a baby is undoubtably the most intense, overwhelming and often shocking experience for people who become parents for the first time. Young moms especially can find it difficult to balance after the birth of their child, which takes a major tole on the body. To make it out the other end with your sanity intact, these 10 tips for new moms are exactly what you need when you little bundle of joy arrives.

1. Use the heartbeat soothing trick
Many new moms find it difficult to soothe their crying baby, and one technique can help you do it with ease. Hold the baby with both hands in the famous burping positions and tap him or her on the back in the rhythm of a heartbeat. You can also swaddle the baby, shush them, swing them, hold them on their side and let them suckle on a pacifier to soothe their crying.

2. Make noise while your baby is asleep
Not making any noises while the baby is asleep will make them get used to it, and every time they're asleep, you'll be out of commission. So, carry on as usual while your baby is asleep. They might wake up at first, but like the noisy womb, they will get used to it, and you'll be able to do other things at home.

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3. Rub their nose while putting them to sleep
A good trick to make babies fall asleep is to rub their nose from the top, where the 'third eye' is located, all the way down. It soothes them and makes them fall asleep quicker and better.

4. Use breast shields
Many new moms who breastfeed find it difficult to make their baby latch on to the nipple. If you're experiencing this difficulty, try using breast shields that help babies latch on and get the nutrition they need.

5. Put a bottle next to you while breastfeeding
Still on the subject of breastfeeding, it can take hours at a time, especially if your baby is a newborn. So, one of the best new mom tips is to keep a drinking bottle next to you when you breastfeed, so you'll be able to hydrate and keep it going.

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6. Make yourself a viewing library
Despite all the best intentions, going out when you're a new mom can be tricky and exhausting. To pass the time you spend at home in a fun way, make your very own viewing library on your computer, or get you significant other to do it for you.

7. Put a warm towel on their belly during baths
Those first few baths after the baby's umbilical cord stump falls off can turn into a screaming fest because it's a new territory for them. To make your baby feel as comfortable as possible, soak a small towel in warm water and put it on their belly during the bath. A nice, moderate heat is one of the best soothers for babies, so you should try it.

8. Get outside every once in a while
On those days where you don't feel exhausted, use the rare opportunity to go outside with your baby, even if it's for a short stroll. Getting some sun and fresh air will do you both good and remember not to put anything over the stroller to cover your baby – it makes the temperatures inside the stroller rise, like in a hot car, and you don't want that.

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9. Give him/her to daddy
Babies spend 9 months in the womb, where they get to know their mother's voice. It's also important for them to know their daddy, so let him spend time with the baby for them to know each other and bond.

10. Don't forget yourself
After you give birth, you will be hormonal, tired and shaken up a lot of the time. Being with the baby is important, but most of all, babies need a healthy mommy that's not tired all the time – both mentally and physically. So, make sure to set aside some mommy time every once in a while, and treat yourself to an activity you like – whether it's a manicure, a facial, a new mommy support group, an exercise class or whatever else that makes you feel better.


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