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Weird Wearables to Monitor Your Health

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Weird Wearables to Monitor Your Health

We live in a tech-savvy world where almost everything is digitized. So why leave healthcare behind? Here are some of the most innovative wearables that can easily monitor your health for you!

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  • Fitbit to stay healthy and fit

There are a variety of different fitness tracker brands available in the market, but nothing beats the popularity of Fitbit. And there is a good reason for it. The unique wristwatch has a touchscreen feature and keeps a track of your daily step count besides also alerting you to text messages and incoming calls. And there’s more! Fitbit monitors the user’s heart rate through a built-in monitor and makes use of GPS to facilitate outdoor activities. Fitbit users particularly love the GPS feature as it allows them to leave their phone behind when heading out for a run or going biking.


  • MOTIO HW for detecting sleep apnea

For all those who thought that apnea was some kind of an exotic snake, it is not. Apnea is a medical condition wherein a person stops breathing after regular intervals while asleep. This condition might cause heart disease, hypertension, diabetes or brain attacks. The good news is that Neogia has come up with a digital solution to address the problem in a safe and easy manner. People suffering from sleep apnea can wear the MOTIO HW, a watch that can detect apnea and enhance the quality of your sleep through customized Artificial Intelligence which has all the information about the wearer.

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  • Helius, a pill to track real-time health data

Proteus Digital Health stirred the healthcare industry by introducing a unique health monitoring pill called Helius. This one-of-a-kind consumable pill is capable of tracking all your vital health information and this information is further tracked by a companion app on a real-time basis. The Helius is designed for informing the doctor whether the patient is taking all prescribed medication at the right time. The doctor will also be able to assess the patient’s response to the administered therapies. Now, this is absolutely unheard of!

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  • PIP for active stress management

Don’t be fooled by the small size of PIP. This tiny little thing can provide you with instant feedback on your daily stress levels. And the companion smartphone app will give you tips on reducing stress and changing a depressing situation into a positive one through active relaxation. The user simply needs to keep the PIP between their index fingers and thumb for a couple of minutes. This will allow the device to track skin conductivity. The longer a person can manage stress levels and keep them at a low, the quicker would there be a change in the scene.

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  • AliveCor Heart Monitor for good heart health

This is a unique smartphone-based electrocardiogram. A simple, slim, and tiny device, the AliveCor Heart Monitor gets easily attached to a phone case and the app has 3 key divisions: collected data, ECG recording, and an excellent awareness portion. AliveCor comes really handy in situations such as when you’re trying to describe symptoms to your doctor. Take the example of palpitations. They may happen randomly and can be difficult to record. But relevant data taken from actual episodes could help yield useful insights for physicians.

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  • TempTraq for easy temperature monitoring

For all those who have little babies, it can be quite challenging to keep an accurate measure of their body temperature. The temperature is affected by a number of factors including plush animals, body fluids, and movement. Fortunately, TempTraq has launched a unique patch-like device that is capable of monitoring body temperature at all times. This device works round the clock to sense, record, and transfer temperature information to your mobile device so that you can track your child’s temperature without disturbing their sleep.




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