6 months ago

Search Engines History

The search engines as we know them today were vastly different in their beginning, and this is the summary of the fascinating history of today's most popular search engines.

7 months ago

Most Popular Love Songs We All Love

What hasn't been said about love? The most powerful emotion in the world has inspired countless hits that became the most popular love songs ever. Check out the greatest love songs ever that will forever be hits.

7 months ago

7 Famous Beaches Around the World

The world's most beautiful treasures are its unique beaches that make the best places in any country. Check out the list of the 7 most beautiful beaches and the prettiest beaches that you just have to see!

7 months ago

Highest Paying Jobs in America

If you are considering switching jobs or trying to decide which career to choose, these are the 5 jobs to consider that have the highest paying jobs in the USA as of 2018. Check out the highest paying jobs today and find out if you have what it takes to get them.

7 months ago

Should You Date Someone from Your Work

Dating in your place of work can be hard and even a pretty bad idea in a lot of cases. If you're dating a coworker or thinking about it, you need to read this article on coworker dating that will clear things up for you.

7 months ago

Why 30 is the New 20?

If you are in your 30s and feel like things aren't moving at the same pace they used to, you're probably right, and these generational gaps caused today's 30s to be like the old 20s.

7 months ago

7 Great Gifts for Fathers

You don't always have to wait for Father's day to get your father a present, and if you are considering getting him a surprise, these awesome gift ideas for dads are just perfect for any occasion.

7 months ago

Celebrities Who Were Married for a Brief Second

Hollywood is an expert in writing and directing love, but the starts behind the scenes aren't that good at keeping the romance alive in their private lives, and these short celeb marriages prove just that.

7 months ago

7 Great Gifts for Mothers

Moms will always have a special place in our lives, and if you want to remind your mother how much she means to you, these great gifts will put a smile on her face and show your appreciation for her.

7 months ago

How Did Reality TV Start?

Most of us think that reality TV got its start in the 90's, but it reality TV shows began way back in the 70's with one unique American family that broke the traditional TV mold.

7 months ago

4 Great Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Getting your significant other the perfect gift can be tricky, but these gift ideas for your boyfriend, you'll be able to make him happy on his birthday, or any other special day of the year.

7 months ago

10 Mom Tips for Young Moms

Being a first time mommy is as shaking as it is exciting, and to get through those first few months with ease (well, relatively) , these are the 10 must know tips and tricks that will help you on your mommy mission.

7 months ago

5 Real Life Super Heroes

Super heroes don't always wear cloaks, and these 5 amazing people who did incredible things in their lives are proof that there are real life super heroes who live around us.

7 months ago

Do Criminals Deserve a Second Chance?

With 2.3 prisoners in the American prison system, we have to pose and answer the question of whether criminals deserve a second chance once they are released.

7 months ago

Is It Legal to Be High in Public?

Smoking marijuana no longer has the image it used to have, and it's even legal in certain states, but does it mean you can smoke it in public? here is the answer to that question.

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