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Adams County Jail Overview: Population, Inmates, Arrests, and Information

The Adams County Jail provides a secure and humane location for inmates serving time at the Adams County Detention Facility. Various divisions of jail personnel are managed inmate activities such as transport, behavior, movement, and routines. There are 11 divisions to the prisons that operate in coordination with each other: Booking, Court Security, Civil Unit, Detectives, Transport, Bonding, Court Services, Programs, Jail Records, Supervised Release as well as Technical Services.

The Rules and Regulations of Adams County Jail

After the booking of the inmate has been completed the inmate is allowed to make a telephone call for posting bond if the inmate so requests. Each inmate is allowed to use the telephone that is present in their section between the times of 9 am to 10 pm. Unless the inmate has some money in their commissary account, all the calls placed are collect calls. There is a booking kiosk present where inmates who arrive with cash can deposit the money in their commissary accounts. The commissary issues a credit card on the name of the inmates which contains their name on it.

Adams County Jail
The uniforms, as well as the undergarments worn by the prisoners, are washed on a daily basis. The inmates are responsible for turning in their dirty laundry during the day at breakfast time which is returned later on the same day. Inmates are expected to shower every day and razors are provided for grooming if requested. The inmates are given a specific interval of time for shaving, and all the razors are subsequently returned for safety purposes.

The inmates are also responsible for keeping their cellblock area clean and orderly at all times. There separate tote bags provided for keeping every kind of items such as photos, letters, commissary items, and hygiene products. During a shakedown of a section, all items that are not inside the tote bag will be considered contraband, including pictures that have been posted on the walls. Cleaning supplies are usually provided during the morning hours, and every inmate is expected to complete their cleaning by 9 am every morning. Inmates must clean after themselves, and the section lounge has to be cleaned before the turning on of the section TV. 


Visitation and Postal service

Inmates can write letters as long as they get the tamped paper, as well as the envelope from the in-house commissary. Inmates are also allowed to receive letters. The letters can contain photos, greeting cards, and paperback books. However, items such as Glitter, tape, perfume, lipstick, stickers, crayon, stamps, blank paper, and so on are not at all allowed. Any kind of writing on the outside of the envelope is also not allowed. If the letters contain any contraband or items that are not allowed, then it will be returned to the sender of the letter.

Adams County Jail Tracker
There are two kinds of inmate visitation programs. There are remote visitations via video calling as well as in-person visits. All the inmates are allowed one 15 minute visit weekly by their family or friends. They are allowed unlimited remote visits a week from home. There is no age restriction for visitation but individuals who are at 16 years of age or below must be accompanied by their parents or guardians.

All visitors are required to provide a photo ID proof such as Driver’s License, State ID cards, Military IDs and School IDs. Proper attire is expected out of the visitors. If they are not complied to, then the visitation privileges will be withheld. Any visitors with a pending case of felony or misdemeanor are not allowed to meet with inmates. Visitors who are on probation are also not allowed to meet with any of the inmates.

Adams County jail inmate search

If you want to invoke your visitation rights in the Adams County facility or contact an inmate who is held in the jail, you will need to find out if he/she is indeed held in the facility. To perform the search, you can use one of the following online inmate search directories you can use at any time:

Adams County Detention Facility, Colorado site – the Adams County Sheriff operates an online inmate search directory you can use to find inmates who are currently held in the facility. To perform the search, you will need to enter the name of the inmate, and if they are in Adams County, the directory will let you know.

Adams county jail inmate search

GoLookUp inmate search directory – another name-based directory is available to you on GoLookUp. The public records search directory allows you to perform an Adams County inmate search in a similar way to that of the Sheriff's website, meaning by entering the name of the inmate in question into the directory. At the end of the search, you will get a full report of the person you are searching that includes criminal records and arrest records. The report will let you know about the inmate's booking information, meaning if they are incarcerated in the Adams County Jail.


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