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Anderson County Detention Center Information

The Anderson County detention center is in South Carolina. Built in 1994, the Anderson County Detention Facility serves to protect the Anderson County.

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office is liable to provide law enforcement services throughout the county. The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office is also responsible for the operation and security of the Anderson County Detention Center, Anderson County Unified E-911 Communications Center, Animal Control, and the Emergency Management Division. The Anderson County Jail is in South Carolina.

How do you contact an inmate at the Anderson County Detention Center

You can contact an inmate through: 

1. Telephone
Telephones are provided to inmates to collect the only basis. Additionally, inmates can purchase telephone calling cards through the commissary program for $10.00 each.

Anderson County Detention Center
2. Mail

Inmates are allowed to send and receive letters. Photographs, drawings, and news clippings are generally acceptable as long as they are not inappropriate. The detention center accepts mails from Monday through Friday through the Post Office. Mail is not delivered to inmates on weekends or holidays. Incoming mail is subject to checking and scanning to ensure that contraband is not being provided to an inmate.

All legitimate mail is opened in the presence of the inmate who is receiving the mail and inspected for contraband before the inmate receives it. Inmates are allowed to earn money orders through the mail. Cash will not be accepted in the letter and will be treated as contraband.

 Housing capacity at Anderson County jail
The jail now has a capacity of 564 beds and can house that many more inmates. Officials have reported that space should be sufficient to handle the anticipated jail population for years to come. Currently, the total population of inmates living in Anderson county detention center is 401, with 326 Males and 75 Females.

The facility has 88 full-time Deputies as well as three contracted nurses who work a rotating 24-hour on-call schedule. There are three full-time maintenance engineers and two Kitchen Deputies on staff who plan and oversee the preparation of approximately 363,000 meals annually.

News related to Anderson County detention center

According to the latest annual inspection report, the Anderson County Detention Facility met the minimum standard requirements for jails in Tennessee for the first time since 2010. According to the Anderson County Sheriff's department,  The Tennessee Corrections Institute's Board of Control had previously voted to remove the facility from its Plan of Action requirements in December.

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The deficiencies accelerated a $10 million project to alleviate overcrowding and other defects.
- A new bed jail pod of 212 with cells for maximum- and medium-security inmates was set up, as well as cells for those with medical or special needs, opened in June. The addition to the detention center allows the proper classification of prisoners and cures overcrowding issues.

-  In 2012, the construction of a minimum-security dormitory was completed.
- Processing and medical areas in the older facility were also renovated to bring the jail into compliance with the state's standards.

Among the research done by the most recent TCI inspection in July:

- Evacuation routes were not posted in the new addition
- Inmates only had part of the list of rules, disciplinary reports were not being made, and disciplinary hearings weren't being administered.
- All showers needed to be painted;
- The freezer door wouldn't close;
- Records for giving medications and prescriptions to inmates did not have the signatures of the nursing staff.
The findings became a talking point during the campaign for Anthony Lay, the Republican challenger who was going to take over Sheriff Paul White. The incumbent Democrat, however, was re-elected to a third, four-year term.
The detention center project also elevated a legal dispute between the sheriff and Anderson County mayor's office in 2012 over the need for funding to hire additional deputies to the new edition of staff. The two officials settled in December 2013.

Anderson County Inmate Search

Anderson County Inmate Search

You can contact inmates who are held at the Anderson County detention center by one of the ways authorized by the facility. To do so, you will need to find out if the person you are searching is indeed held in Anderson County. To perform an Anderson County inmate search, you can use one of the following methods that are available to you online:

1. Anderson County Sheriff roster – the sheriff at Anderson County offers an online search directory that allows you to perform a search for inmates who are currently held at Anderson County. The roster contains the names of inmates who are held in Anderson County, so you will be able to track down the person you are searching by their first name and last name. The list gets updated regularly, so make sure to stay updated on the names.

2. Public records search directory – another method for an Anderson County inmate search is to use a public records search directory, like the one available to you on GoLookUp. To find an inmate in Anderson County detention center, you need to enter their first name and last name into the inmate search directory on GoLookUp. As soon as you do, the directory will begin to search for public records registered to the name of the inmate you are searching. At the end of the search, you will get a report detailing the inmate's criminal records, including booking data and location.

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