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Anderson County Jail Overview

Entrusted with a mission to provide a safe environment for the people residing in Tennessee, Anderson County Sheriff’s Department strives to excel. They have a mission of providing excellent service for the citizens. They recruit personnel of the highest order to fulfill their duties. They are known to utilize their resources in the best possible way.

They are not only protectors of the common people, but they strive to be role models and leaders who are committed to enforcing the law. Aware of their responsibility to be of exemplary character they hold ethics and morals of the highest stature. Honesty and integrity are values that are given high recognition and importance by them through their daily fulfillment of duties.

The center can house 565 inmates. There are 88 full-time deputies and three nurses who are on duty on rotation for the whole of 24 hours. Approximately 363,00 meals are prepared annually. The facility is divided into seven housing units. The inmates get facilities such as meals, commissary, recreation, etc. They are always under the strict supervision of the deputies who walk-through as a precautionary and preventive measure.

Anderson County Jail

They are known to provide various services. Such as the following

Civil Process - It ensures compliance with court orders

Court Services – They provide court services to execute court-mandated duties

Crime Prevention – they are very active in preventing crime under their jurisdiction. They also make efforts to be always vigilant during their patrolling duties.

Criminal Investigations – They take up and fulfill any investigation that might concern them.

Drug Enforcement – They have a special cell headed by Sergeant Josh Zisman for enforcing the law regarding drug-related crime. They have no tolerance for drugs and take every conceivable step to prevent drug abuse. They have recently had important findings related to cocaine and crack.

E911 Communications – This is a high tech specialized infrastructure that the Anderson County Jail has. It largely facilitates quick response in case of emergencies.

Patrol - Patrols Section Supervisor Lieutenant Kenny Sharp very ably guides the patrolling officers to keep the county safe. They not only perform regular patrolling but under certain circumstances they allow citizens to patrol with an officer on duty. They deputies apart from patrolling enforce traffic laws and, in some cases, also provide an escort if required by certain civilians. 

Records – they keep and maintain the record of incidents and accidents. Information is available to the public on payment of applicable fees through cash. One may contact the records department at Anderson County Sheriff's Department. Records Unit, 101 South Main Street, Suite 400, Clinton, TN 37716.

Anderson County Jail TN

Reserve Deputies – They have at present 40 peace officers. These people are civilians with an excellent track record who volunteer on their own to keep their county safe. They are required to work 16 hours a month. They are not paid for or certified instead of the service they provide.

History – The current building was constructed in 1994. Ever since then, they have a long, illustrious history full of accolades.

Current Information  - they have a great school resource officer team. These officers are committed to ensuring the safety of students in the campus. Another aspect of Anderson County is the fact they have a highly skilled tactical unit who undergo regular training to stay updated. 

The number of inmates – Presently the jail has 406 inmates. 329 of them are male while the rest 77 are female (December 06, 2018 11:25 AM MST)

Contact Information

Anderson County Detention Facility

308 Public Safety Ln - map

Clinton, Tennessee 37716

Anderson County Sheriff's Department

101 South Main Street Suite 400 - map

Clinton, Tennessee 37716

Emergency -    911

Sheriff Dispatch -(865) 457-2414

Sheriff Dispatch Fax - (865) 457-5395

24 Hour crime hotline - (865) 463-6880

Hotline numbers

Crime - 463-6880

Drugs – 463-7175

People in Charge

Sheriff - Sheriff Russell Barker

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