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Arizona Inmate Search: Crime and Arrest Records Information

As of today, there are 7.016 million residents in the state of Arizona, and according to the Arizona Department of Corrections, 42,643 of them are imprisoned inmates in Arizona. On top of that, there are 5,466 inmates who are out on parole and have criminal records in the state of Arizona. Searching for a certain inmate in Arizona can be difficult if you do not have the proper tools, and now you can find out how to conduct an inmate search online and find all the information you are looking for in one place.

Arizona Crime in Numbers

The state of Arizona is ranked number 16 on the dangerous states list, and it has one of the worst road safety stats in America. The number of violent crimes committed in Arizona is about 32,583 crimes per year, and property crimes reach 206,432 crimes annually.

The crime rate in Arizona is 34.48 crimes per 1,000 residents, which explains the high rank in the dangerous states list. As stated before, there are roughly 42,643 men and women behind bars in Arizona, and 49% of them are serving their first term in prison.

48% of all inmates are serving time for non-violent crimes and 28.6% require mental health services on a regular basis.

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Searching for Inmates in Arizona

If you want to conduct an inmate search for a certain inmate in the state of Arizona, you can use either a free search database, the ADC's inmate datasearch, or a paid inmate search service. With free inmate search engines, you might run into several problems that will make finding a person in Arizona's prison system difficult.

A free Arizona inmate search that is indeed free of charge will not provide you with full information of the person you want to find. In additions, free inmate search websites do not have the funding to provide their customers with protection of their data and information. Other free inmate search websites provide users with only a few details about the person they are searching for, and ask for payment for a more in-depth search.

ADC's inmate datasearch can provide you with information about inmates in the state of Arizona, even those who are on death row. Unfortunately, most searches in the ADC's inmate datasearch will require you to provide an inmate number, which is unlikely to be known in many cases.

An Accurate Inmate Search in Arizona

To make sure you have all the information about an inmate in the Arizona prison system, you must use a professional inmate search tool. GoLookUp is exactly such a tool, and you can use it to search for inmates in any number of ways. Just type in the first and last name of the inmate you are searching for, and GoLookUp will begin a quick and accurate inmate search.

Within a few minutes, you will be able to get full information about an inmate you want to find. GoLookUp will provide you with a detailed report on the inmate's criminal history, charges, mugshot and current whereabouts. The searches in the website are 100% safe, so you can be certain that no one will see what you were searching for. GoLookUp scans millions of Arizona public records to compile an accurate report about any inmate in the state, so you can be certain that the data you receive is reliable. Also, GoLookUp's unlimited searches allow you to conduct an inmate search as many times as you need with no additional charges.

An inmate search in Arizona can be tricky if you don't have the necessary tools to conduct such a query. With GoLookUp's quick and accurate inmate search, you can be certain that you will find the person you are looking for in a manner of minutes, and without having to pay fees every time you need to find an inmate.

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