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Baldwin County Jail Overview

It can house 700 inmates at a time. Baldwin county generally houses prisoners who have a sentence for less than a year. There can be inmates who are awaiting sentence. They receive inmates from US Marshal and ICE based on need. They also look into work release programs, work furlough, house arrest. For private county jails where the person convicted is required to serve their sentences on weekends is also supervised them as it falls under their jurisdiction. 

They have recently launched an online crime map to alert citizens on areas where crimes are rampant. The inmates get regular three meals, and also they get commissary benefits. For people visiting an inmate in Baldwin County, it is important to be on the inmate’s visitation list. The deputies undertake regular patrolling throughout the county to ensure the safety of the residents staying in the Baldwin County. They have a highly trained K-9 deputy service.

They also monitor weather conditions. They kept a close watch for the Hurricane Michael. They promote cancer awareness programs.  They are known to host events such as coffee with a cop to make the civilians aware of how a cop functions. The deputies working for Baldwin county are very agile and are most respected in the community for their hard work and dedication in crime prevention. They have a crime index of 30.

Baldwin County Jail
Most inmates residing here serve 30-90% of their time depending on factors such as parole.

The jail has a landscape that comprises of a recreational area, common area, individual cells. The jail overflows from time to time as many gets arrested for DUI or simple drunkenness related misdemeanor. These inmates are not kept for long in the prison premises. The inmates are allowed to obtain full medical services. They even have access to dental services.

The inmates have access to the playground and physical fitness activities as well. However, they are kept under surveillance for safety purpose. Educational activities, spiritual needs are promoted. Work ethics is also inculcated in the inmates by engaging them in various activities. The inmates can receive and send money through the commissaire as and when required.

 They have bank accounts; they also have access to make phone calls. Even though the calls are monitored except for the ones made out to attorneys. Baldwin County is famous and highly appreciated for preventing crimes by taking proactive steps.

They address issues of domestic violence, assault, drug offenses. They are also very active in promoting tobacco awareness, fire safety prevention, personal hygiene, seatbelt safety, marine and boater safety, life jacket awareness, wildlife safety, electrical safety, and many such activities. They have an investigation command which has two units. One is called the violent crimes unit the other is called The felony crimes unit.

Baldwin County Jail View
Baldwin County Jail History – It was formerly known as the County Jail through the current jail had been there on the same premise for the last 200 years or so. It received a makeover or change in 1970. It is located since the last 200 years in Bay Minette.

Baldwin County Jail Current Information – The Baldwin county jail has undertaken new reformatory regulations and adopted positive practices to ensure a better quality of life for the inmates.

Baldwin County Jail inmates – There are approximately 249 inmates in the jail currently.

Baldwin County Jail Contact Information:

State: Alabama

County: Baldwin County

City: Bay Minette

Facility Name: Baldwin County Corrections Center

Facility Phone Number: 251-937-0202, 251-972-6802

Facility City Jail: Baldwin County Corrections Center

Facility City Jail Address: 200 Hand Avenue, Bay Minette, AL, 36507

Facility City Jail Phone Number: 251-937-0202, 251-972-6802

Facility Address: 200 Hand Avenue, Bay Minette, AL, 36507

People in Charge - Sheriff Huey Hoss Mack

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