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Beltrami County Jail
Information about Beltrami Count Jail 

The Beltrami County Jail is situated in Minnesota and is licensed by the state and regulated by the Minnesota Department of Corrections. The facility administered by the state statutes and rules declared by the Department of Corrections. There is an annual inspection supervised by the department to gauge compliance in the areas of; staffing, population density, training, classification, fiscal issues, reporting, policy, and procedure.

Beltrami County Jail is dedicated to preserve the fundamental rights and dignity of the inmates and to provide the care, structure, and discipline to motivate positive lifestyle changes for inmates by employing trained professional staff while exceeding all standards set forth by law and increasing the financial and social benefits to the communities that they serve.

Overview of the Beltrami County Jail

Beltrami County Jail is an accessible, but remote supervision facility that has a direct supervision unit with minimum security. This facility has both sentenced as well as pretrial adult female and male offenders. The Minnesota Department of Corrections approved capacity for the jail is 140 inmates. The operational capacity for the jail is 126 inmates.

Beltrami County Jail

History of the Beltrami County Jail

In 1989, the Jail was constructed, and the facility was occupied in July of that year. Initially, the penitentiary was planned to hold only 68 inmates. It added 13 more beds to the facility at the time of construction. In 2001, the County Board, with the consent of the D. O. C, authorized the addition of 25 beds through double bunking, bringing the capacity to 106. Out of the 106 beds, 12 were designated to women.

Besides, there were six temporary holding cells created for orientation and classification of new inmates.

Beltrami County Jail inmates Programs

The Beltrami County jail provides its inmates with an array of activities and programs. Regular attendance and participation are voluntary, and inmates can sign up for any program that they want to choose.

- The staff in charge of these programs along with volunteers associated with Education, Parenting, Treatment, Alcoholics Anonymous and Chaplaincy Program.

- Some inmates regularly participate in outpatient treatment programs. These programs include drug treatment, alcohol treatment, sex offender treatment,   anger management, and more.

- There are also inmates who are authorized and permitted to continue employment via work-release and those who can continue with their education. 

Beltrami County Jail Inmates

Health Care Services at Beltrami County Jail

Health care provided to the inmates of the Beltrami County Jail is through the MEnD Correctional Care. It works as an out-patient clinic. New inmates must inform the nursing or jail staff about their medical, mental health, or dental needs during the intake process. Once lodged, they can access the jail’s established sick–call system to address any medical needs that may arise during their incarceration. Self-care and looking after minor medical concerns are encouraged. Inmates may use non-prescription medications available for purchase at the jail.

Registered Nurses tend to all medical requests, directly providing or arranging for care through outside appointments. The Jail staff is trained in First Aid, along with the ability to address emergency medical needs. They also have quick access to Emergency Medical Services if needed.

On-site medical, as well as mental health services, are also available at the jail through referral of nursing staff.

The health care service from MEnD Correctional Care aims to provide an exceptional level of correctional healthcare while performing duties in a fiscally responsible manner and improving the safety and security of all involved.

Beltrami County Jail Contact Information

You can contact Calandra Allen, the Beltrami Jail Administrator on 218-333-4189 or through fax - 218-333-8418. You can also write to the Jail Administrator with this address,  Beltrami County Jail, 626 Minnesota Ave. NW, Bemidji, MN 56601.

Beltrami County Jail Inmates

Beltrami County Jail Inmate Search

If you want to search for Beltrami County jail inmates, you have two online directories that can help you with the search: one is an official Beltrami jail roster, and the other is a public records search directory:

Beltrami jail roster – the local sheriff's office operates an online service that you can use to find inmates who are currently held in Beltrami County jail. The Beltrami jail roster on the site allows you to discover if an inmate you are searching is held in Beltrami. By scanning the Beltrami jail roster, you can find out who are the inmates in Beltrami County jail and search for a particular inmate.

GoLookUp – aside from going through the daily Beltrami jail roster, you can search for Beltrami County jail with GoLookUp's inmate search directory. To perform the search, you will need to enter the name of the inmate you are searching into the online directory. A few moments later, you will get a detailed report about the person in question that includes, among other details, the person's arrest records and criminal records. With the help of the report, you can discover the latest booking data about the inmate you are searching and discover if they are currently held in Beltrami County jail.

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