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Bexar County Jail Overview: Population, Inmates, Arrests, and Information

Located in Texas, Bexar County is the 17th most populous county in the United States. Incorporated in 1836, it comes under the San Antonio-New Braunfels, TX metropolitan statistical area, and is spread over an area of 1,256 sq. mile. Bexar County is also home to San Antonio Missions National Historical Park - a national protected area, and to BiblioTech, the first digital library in the country. Several state and national highways pass through the county, connecting its cities to each other and the rest of the United States. Some notable cities in Bexar County are San Antonio, Lytle, and Selma.

Bexar County Overview

Bexar County's homeownership rate is around 58 percent, which is lower than the national average. The median property value is also lower than the national average. Most families in the county have income in the range of $75,000-$100,000, and most families owning properties in the county have a property value in the range of $100,000-$125,000.

Healthcare & social assistance, retail, trade, and educational services are the major employers in the county. Mining, quarrying, oil, gas extraction, and utilities are the highest paying industries in the county. Legal professionals, health practitioners, and those employed with companies in the field of mathematics and computer hold the highest paying jobs.

Bexar County Jail
The average commute time for Bexar County residents is almost 25 minutes, which is lower than the national average. Families in the county tend to own two cars, as most professionals prefer driving to work despite several operators offering bus services. Some of the major highways passing through the county's cities are Interstate 10, Interstate, 37, and Interstate 35.

For every 17,532 female grad students in Bexar County, there are 11,000 male students. University of Texas, Northwest Vista College, and San Antonio College are the most renowned universities in the county. General Psychology, General Business Management & Administration, and General Biological Sciences are the most in-demand majors. Compared to many other counties, Bexar County has a higher number of students opting for a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies. Most students in the county prefer graduating from 4-year or more public institutions.

Almost 92 percent of Bexar County residents are U.S. citizens. The local population is majorly comprised of Hispanics, whites, and blacks. Interestingly, the percentage of non-English speakers in the county is higher than the national average. Spanish, Tagalog, and German are the most common non-English languages spoken.

Bexar County Jail Records
Bexar County Crime Statistics

San Antonio - Bexar County's seat, has a crime index of 3, meaning it is safer than 3 percent of cities in the United States. The total crime rate is close to 60. San Antonio's violent crime rate is around 7 per 1,000 residents, meaning the chances of a person becoming the victim of a violent crime are 1 in 139. A significantly higher number than the national median. Meanwhile, the property crime rate in the city is around 52 per 1,000 residents, which is also significantly higher than the national median of 25. The chances of a person becoming a victim of a property crime are 1 in 19.

Violent crimes committed in the city primarily include murder, robbery, assault, and rape, while property crimes refer to theft, burglary, and property theft. On an average 191 crimes are reported per sq.ft. which, again, is considerably higher than the parent state’s (Texas) and the national median.

Some of the safest San Antonio neighborhoods are Smithson Valley Rd/Laurie Michelle, Fm 1957/S Rolling Oaks Ln, W Fm 471/Glass Rd, Route 211/Route16, Fm Road 2696/Midnight Dr, and E Evans Rd/Angostura Blvd.

Bexar County Inmate Search

Bexar County Jail

Bexar County Jail is an adult detention center facility located in San Antonio, in Texas, and operated by the Bexar County Sheriff's Office. The third-largest jail in the state, it houses approximately 4,000 inmates but has the capacity to hold more than 5,000. The purpose of the jail is to deliver detention services and operations necessary for the protection of society, provide a safe environment to the staff working in the building, and maintain the proper well-being of incarcerated persons. About 37 percent of the Bexar County Jail inmates are in pretrial detention, awaiting trial. 

The Bexar County Jail offers a variety of educational and religious programs to detainees, with a broad spectrum of classes that assist incarcerated men and women struggling with academic and behavioral concerns, as well as a MATCH/PATCH Program, which serves to maintain and strengthen the bond of the incarcerated parent and her/his children through educational classes that enhance parenting and life skills. The jail also offers art classes, substance abuse classes, and access to a law library.

Bexar County Inmate Search

If you need to contact an inmate in the Bexar County jail, you can perform an online Bexar County inmate search in one of two ways detailed below:

1 - Bexar County Central Magistrate Search – the online magistrate search can let you know if a certain inmate is currently held in Bexar County Jail. To perform the Bexar County inmate search with the Central Magistrate's site, you just need to enter the name of the person you are searching for. The online directory will let you know if that inmate is indeed held in the detention center. If you do not know how to spell the name of the inmate in question, you can use the Bexar County inmate roster available on the site. This Bexar County jail log details the names of all the inmates incarcerated in the facility, so you can simply search for the name you need to find.

2 - Online inmate search directory – GoLookUp operates a 24/7 inmate search directory that you can use whenever you desire. To search for a particular inmate in Bexar County Jail, you can enter their name into the directory, which will perform the Bexar County inmate lookup for you by scanning public records related to the person in question. This is a more in-depth search that the online magistrate search, as it can return all sorts of information including Bexar County Jail mugshots and other Bexar County Jail records. You will receive the arrest records, criminals records, courts records and many more details relating to the inmate you are interested in.
You can also perform a Bexar County inmate search by using GoLookUp reverse phone number lookup directory, GoLookUp reverse address search, or GoLookUp reverse email directory. 

Bexar County Criminal Records

Those who want to find criminal records about people in Bexar County can also perform an online Bexar County criminal records search with GoLookUp. Through the system, you can find Bexar County criminal records of people who are not incarcerated in Bexar County Jail. To perform the search, you need to provide the criminal records search directory with the name of the person that you are looking for. Then, the search for Bexar County criminal records will begin, and you will get an online report about the said person's criminal past.

The Bexar County criminal records report will include the following information: the person's name, their arrest records, sex offenses, mugshots, convictions, court records, and more. The unlimited search service on GoLookUp allows you to perform as many queries as you want, so you can perform Bexar County criminal records searched about people in the county with no extra charge.

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