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The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office is run by Sheriff David Davis. Sheriff Davis started his career at the Sheriff’s office on December 15, 1979. During his long career at the Sheriff’s Office, he has been assigned to various divisions such as Corrections, Patrol, Criminal Investigation and Administration. Sheriff David Davis is more than up to the job of running the Bibb County Sheriff Office as he is a lifelong resident of Bibb County.

Sheriff Davis is assisted by Mike Scarbary who is the Chief Deputy. He is also assisted by Henderson Carswell and Aubrey Evins who are both outstanding Colonels.

The Bibb County Sheriff's Office Detention Center is a Work Release and Community Service Center. The facility has 192 beds with some of the beds being assigned to the work release program while others are assigned to the community service program. The main goal of the work release programs is for detainees to be able to pay off fines and restitution that have been ordered by the courts while also giving them the opportunity to support their families.

Bibb County Jail

The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office Corrections Unit

There are over 900 inmates housed in the Bibb County Corrections Unit. Originally, the maximum capacity was 585 inmates. However, this capacity was raised in 2007 to meet the needs of the growing City of Macon. More than 140 employees are assigned to the Corrections Unit. Medical needs of the inmates are met by a fully operational Infirmary. There are three full-time nurses, two part-time nurses and a part-time physician.

Meals for the inmates are prepared in a fully equipped kitchen which is located in the facility. The jail staff supervises inmates as they prepare the meals. Inmates are also supervised by the jail staff as they handle all of the maintenance, laundry, cleaning and so on of the facility.


The Bibb County Jail confines male and female inmates who are 17 years of age or older. The inmates incarcerated have either been charged or convicted of misdemeanors or felony crimes. Their sentences range from a year in jail to life without parole. People who receive sentences above one year serve their sentences in different facilities which are run by the state and federal governments.

The main objective of Bibb County Jail is to give pretrial detainees a safe and secure environment. Bibb County Jail also strives to provide for inmates basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, mental health care, and medical care. The jail also makes sure that it is secure from escapes of any nature. It supervises inmates a day to day activities such as feeding, cleaning, court appearances, visitations, medical appointments, religious services, library calls, outside recreations, and GED possessions. In addition to these, the jail prepares and transports inmates to courts, provide inmates for attorneys and court official visits, transports inmates to and from different jails and prisons throughout the entire State, provides current and proper training to all assigned jail officers, provides backup to different divisions in the department when other units aren’t available and assists its community when emergencies disrupt daily activities.

Bibb County Jail Inmate Search

Bibb County Jail Contact information

If you have any questions about the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office Corrections Division, feel free to contact them at these numbers.

  • Main Number: 478-746-9441
  • Jail Booking: 478-746-9441
  • Detention: (478) 621-5666

You can also contact inmates in a variety of ways. Securus Technologies lets you make phone calls, visit inmates through video, send voicemail and send money to an inmate.

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