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California County Jail Overview, Population, Inmates, Arrests, and Information

California County correctional center is in Susanville California, and it is home to over 6,200 inmates from a range of varying custody levels. Some of the minimum custody inmates at this facility are part of the forest fire suppression crew, which is responsible for aiding in response to fighting forest fires.

California County Jail Mission and goals

The purpose is to receive, house, and train minimum-custody inmates for placement into one of the institutions. They aim to provide meaningful work, training, and education programs for inmates to ensure that their re-entry back into society is a smooth flowing and peaceful one. It encourages inmates to become a productive member of the community.

Overview of California Correctional Center
It occupies 1,100 acres of land that includes an open dormitories housing, individual cells, fenced perimeters and armed coverage housing, and camps. It has a design capacity of 3,883 inmates. The prison comprises of four facilities and 18 conservation camps
It was built as a minimum-security facility in 1963. It was expanded in 1987 that includes facilities which accommodate medium-security inmates.

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Visitation hours at the California Correctional Center

You have to submit a visitors application and get it approved before visiting your inmate. Inmates can expect to meet and have visited on Saturdays and Sundays from 8am-2pm. Visitors are also allowed to attend inmates on four holidays, which is New Year's day, July 4th, Thanksgiving and Christmas day.

Programs and services provided to inmates

Inmates can acquire multiple skills. They can also work jobs within the institution which will help them during their day to day operations, such as food preparation, janitorial services, and maintenance.  California Correctional Center also has the same programs that are present at many facilities such as substance abuse treatments, group therapies, and educational opportunities such as GED classes.

Here are some of the programs administered for inmates:

1. Vocational programs: 
- Learning skills in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration, auto body construction and paint, auto mechanics, electronics, office technology, welding, and College Correspondence.

2. Academic programs
The facility organizes and promotes the education of inmates while they live out their sentence. The aim and goal of this program are to ensure that their re-entry into society is easier and freer. Programs such as Basic Education, Computer-Assisted Education, High School/GED, and Literacy Programs aid in correcting and helping a law offender become a productive member of the society.

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3. Self-Help programs and tools:
- Majority of offenders are known to be struggling with addiction. Programs such as Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous help them overcome their addiction. They provide self help programs such as the Laubach Literacy, Veterans in Prison, Alternatives to Violence Program Support; Alternatives to Violence Program Support-Spanish; Inmate Developed Educational Acumen for Life, Page-turners, Root & Rebound, Not in my Life, Pups on Parole, and so on to aid in their reformation during their sentence.

4. Volunteer Programs:
These programs are available as alternatives to Violence Program, which helps inmates build a sense of charity and increases their empathy level.

5. Miscellaneous programs
These programs help in the holistic improvement of inmates. The institution provides programs like Arts in Corrections Drawing, Arts in Corrections Choir, Arts in Corrections Creative Writing.

California County Jail Contact information

You can write to the prison by writing to this address, California Correctional Center, 711-045,  Center Rd, Susanville, CA 96127-0790 You can speak to them on the telephone at (530) 257-2181. To send a mail to an inmate, you need to write the Inmate Mailing Address along with the Inmate's Name, ID Number and send it to A Facility, MSF Facility P.O. Box 2500, Susanville, CA 96127-2500.

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