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Cherokee County Jail Overview: Population, Inmates, Arrests, and Information

The Cherokee County Jail opened its gates in October 1996 on 110 Cedar Bluff Road. It underwent renovation in 2004.

Cherokee County Jail Overview

Southern Health Partners is responsible for inmate health care at the facility. The staff consists of 2 LPNs and a doctor. Inmates who require medical attention can request for a nurse to assist them seven days a week, 7am-5pm. They are on call after hours too for any incidents that may occur and require medical attention.

The Cherokee County Jail also operates an inmate work-release program for inmates who don’t have a history of violent crime. The presiding judge and jail staff shortlist the inmates chosen for participation in the program. Any fund, i.e., collected during this program is used to pay off inmate’s court costs and fines.

Cherokee County Jail Population

The detention center has a capacity for housing about 114 inmates – male/female for the county, local police in the county and for the US Marshal Service.

A total of 20 employees currently work at the facility, including a Chief of Corrections, 4 Shift Lieutenant’s, 2 Cooks and 13 shift Corrections Officers.

Cherokee County Jail
Cherokee County Jail Detention Center Staff

All officers employed at the jail are required to attend an 80hr APOST approved jail management school, taser and O.C. certification, CPR, First Aid, Draeger Breath Analyzer training and PPCT/SSGT self-defense training.

Chief of Corrections – Harley Lamey

Lt. Brandon Hays, Lt. Lane Wilson, Lt. Cindy Howell, Lt. Rodney Givens, Lt. Josh Parker, Lt. Will Bailey

Annette Durham, Bill Bishop, Michael Wynn, Melinda Woods, Daniel Miller, Logan Moore, Dakota DeBerry, and Daniel Holcomb.

Cherokee County Special Operations Group

The S.O.G originally came into being as C.E.R.T in 1998 is a quick response team that handles crises that occur in jail. Cell searches, riot and hostage situations within the jail, extraction of violent and disorderly inmates are all handled by the S.O.G. The members allowed into the S.O.G team undergo constant training to make them capable of carrying out their functions.

They are equipped with riot/cell extraction shield, full riot gear and other non-lethal equipment like a taser gun. They are on call 24/7. The formation of the S.O.G has significantly reduced the number of assaults on inmates and staff, damage to jail property and contraband.

Cherokee County Jail GA
Cherokee County Jail Visitation

Visitation is allowed throughout the week but via video conferencing only. Visit and set up an account and appointment to visit an inmate. You will not be allowed into the facility for a visit before doing so. Schedule on-site visits at least 24hours in advance. It is the same for remote visits. You have to schedule these visits yourself as the officers will not be able to schedule your visits for you. If you need any help regarding inmate visitation, dial 1-775-434-8748. Each inmate is allowed a free 15-minute on-site visit. The visitation duration is extended by 5mins to clock 20 minutes for remote visitations. 

Cherokee County Jail Commissary

Inmates can purchase any item they want from inmate commissary using their account money. The inmate’s friend/family adds money to the inmate’s account by cash/card using the cashier machine in the jail lobby/logging into or calling 1-866-394-0490.

Cherokee County Jail Contact Information

Inmates can be sent mail, addressed to – (Inmate Name), 110 Cedar Bluff Road, Centre, Alabama 35960. You can call up 256-927-3365 around the clock or send a fax at 256-927-4543. You can also choose to send an email to

Cherokee County Jail Inmate Search

Cherokee County Jail Inmate Search

To contact or visit an inmate who is held in Cherokee County Jail. To do so, you need to perform a Cherokee County Jail Inmate Search. Nowadays, you can perform an online Cherokee County Jail Inmate Search in one of the following directories:

1. Cherokee County Sheriff's website – the official Cherokee County sheriff operates an online directory that allows you to perform a Cherokee County Jail Inmate Search. The online Cherokee County Jail inmate roster, so you need to check the list and discover if the person that you are searching is held in the facility.

2. Online inmate search directory – you can also perform a Cherokee County Jail Inmate Search by using a public records search directory, like GoLookUp. To perform the Cherokee County Jail Inmate Search, you need to enter the name of the inmate in question into GoLookUp's inmate search directory. When you do, the search engine on the site will scan public records, and provide you with a criminal records report about the person that you are searching. Among other details, the Cherokee County Jail Inmate Search report will include the booking data of the inmate, and whether they are held in Cherokee County Jail.


The objective of the Cherokee County Jail, Alabama is to uphold law and order in Cherokee County. It also aims to provide its inmates with care, comfort and rehabilitation opportunities so they can successfully rejoin their former lives after sentence completion.

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