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Cleveland County Jail Overview and General Information

Cleveland County Jail, located in Oklahoma is a facility under the administration of the Cleveland County Sheriff Department. Known officially as the F. Dewayne Beggs Detention Center, the jail is relatively new and was opened in 2012. Before this, the old county jail was overcrowded, and the new jail worth $26 million was to solve this issue.

The jail has a total capacity of 543 inmates and is equipped with state-of-the-art devices and amenities to ensure safety and security, as well as comfort for the inmates. For instance, the jail building uses geothermal heating and cooling, which is not only energy efficient but cost-efficient as well. 

Different departments in Cleveland County Jail

Cleveland County Jail has some various departments that work around the clock to ensure that the jail runs smoothly and safely. These departments include Detention Clerks, Gang Intelligence Unit, Programs, Transport, and Warrants.

Detention clerks are those whose role is to maintain and catalog all files, trust account, visitations and emails of inmates. They also transfer information back and forth between the jail and the court, the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, and some other law enforcement agencies.

Cleveland County Jail
The Ganga Intelligence Unit is a body that ensures the safety of every single individual in the facility including inmates, staff, and visitors. Their roles include gathering valuable information and exchanging or transferring such information to concerned personnel, providing training to Security Threat Groups and managing the members, research and identification of the group and many more.

Under Programs, the jail offers inmates the opportunity to learn valuable new skills which will help them successfully integrate back to society on release. Every inmate, with the exception of Intake, Disciplinary and a few who are under Special Management, are allowed to take up such programs. However, the inmates can lose their program privilege temporarily if they pose any kind of threat to the employees, volunteers or other inmates.


The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department also takes up the responsibility of transporting inmates to other correctional facilities as well as medical facilities. This task is carried out in a careful, well-planned manner to avoid escape by the inmates, as well as to prevent any injuries to employees and citizens.

The Sheriff’s Department also handles the transport for those who have been arrested on warrants, enters issued warrants, and also handles Court Orders Mental Health Transports and Court Orders Juvenile Transports.

Cleveland County Jail Log
More about Cleveland County Jail inmates and visitations

Cleveland County Jail allows family and friends to visit inmates once a week, while each inmate is allowed to have no more than two visitors every week. Each visit should not be longer than 15 minutes. Initially, the jail used to have the most liberal visitation schedules in the state, but due to the growing number of inmates and the vast expansion of the jail, the schedule is now changed.

All visits to inmates should be scheduled one business day before the visit by calling up the reception between 8 am to 7:30 pm. No walk-in visits are accepted.

These measures have been taken up by the administration to efficiently handle the rising inmate population without having to compromise the attention that each inmate receives. Moreover, visitors can also benefit from the organized schedule because there would be no issues such as full visitation times and slots. As long as the appointment is made, then you can visit your loved one at the allotted time.

Cleveland County Jail can be contacted by phone at 405-701-7700 or 405-701-7701. Their address is 2250 West Franklin Road, Cleveland County, OK.

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