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Dallas County Jail Lookup Information
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Dallas County Jail is not a single unit, but it consists of a number of jail facilities that include North Tower Jail, South Tower Jail that is also called the "Suzanne Kays Tower," West Tower Jail also called the Government Center Jail, Decker Detention Center, Suzanne Kays Jail that has been demolished for clearing way for the sake of the Trinity River Project and that has now been integrated with the South Tower, Hutchins State Jail for men that is being operated by Texas Department of Criminal Justice in an area near Hutchins, the Dawson Unit, a co-gender state jail that is being operated by the Corrections Corporation of America under contract, and the Federal Correctional Institution located at Seagoville. It is near the Frank Crowley Courts Building the North Tower, the West Tower, and the Suzanne L. Kays are located.

History of Dallas County Jail

Even before the new jail was built, the controversy started, and it escalated to a feverish pitch in 1972 when an order for constructing a new facility was passed by Sarah T. Hughes, the Federal Judge. The order specified that the Commissioners Court should construct this new facility. There were some opponents mainly from the Commissioners Court who were opposed this order, and they opined that the county did not need this new facility and it was not right to expect the taxpayers of the Dallas county to bear the cost of building a ’country club for criminals.” But the intentions of the Federal Judge were noble because she wanted to improve the conditions of the inmates in the Dallas County Jail. 

Dallas County Jail

She was the one who got televisions installed in every tank in the jail. She extended the visitation hours as well. She gave orders to the sheriff that the jail should be upgraded. Her interventions from time to time were bringing down the levels of violence inside the jail. Thanks to her orders, the jail Law Library was also expanded. 


The jail had two buildings, an old one and another new one that was constructed later. Unfortunately, the inmates did not like the new one as much as they liked the old jail. The design and steel of the old building were far superior. It had a gym as well on the roof. Now, why was this new building that was constructed in the early '60s not as good as the old one? The reason is when the date of ground-breaking drew nearer, the budget for its construction was cut to a considerable extent, and this had led to a lot of inadequacies.

Thanks to the Federal Judge's orders, the commissioners chose a new site for the jail and this site was away from the downtown. The architects worked closely with the Texas Commission on Jail Standards to address the inadequacies found in the previous buildings.

Dallas County Jail Lookup

Dallas County Jail Contact Information

North Tower Detention Facility

Address: Dallas, TX, United States

+1 214-761-9025

Dallas County Corrections Department

Address: Dallas, TX, United States

+1 214-860-4319

Dallas County Detention Center

Address: Dallas, TX, United States

+1 214-761-9025

Hutchins State Jail

Address: Dallas, TX, United States

+1 972-225-1304

Dallas County Detention Services

Address: County Government Office

Dallas, TX, United States

+1 214-653-7370

A total number of inmates.

The total number of inmates of the Dallas County Jail hovers around 6500. 7100 is the full capacity of its inmate housing. According to the sheriff's office, about 22,000 meals are prepared daily and served to the inmates. 1.7 million loads of laundry are washed daily. The mail room of the jail processes 600,000 pieces of mail on an annual basis.

In-charge of the Dallas County Jail

Marian Brown was appointed as the Interim Sheriff of the county on 19th December 2017. She was sworn in on 1st January 2018.

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