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Florida Inmate Search: What you Should Know about Inmates and Public Records in Florida 

With a population of 20.98 million residents, Florida is the third most populous state in the US. The number of inmates currently behind bars in Florida is 177,000. 103,000 Florida inmates are in state prisons, 56,000 are in local jails, 15,000 inmates are in federal prisons, 2,800 are in youth correctional facilities, and 630 are in civil containment facilities.

Searching for Florida inmates can be difficult in light of the high number of inmates in the state, combined with a large number of facilities that hold the inmates. That is why you need to conduct a Florida inmate search with a professional service that will conduct the query for you, such as GoLookUp. There are also other methods to find inmates in Florida, and here you can learn more about them, and find out why GoLookUp is the best one.

florida inmate search

Florida Crime in Numbers

The annual average of crimes in Florida is 642,512 (violent crimes and property crimes). The rates of crime in the state are as follows:

430 violent crimes per every 100,000 residents (88,700 crimes per year).

2,687 property crimes per every 100,000 residents (553,812 crimes per year).

The most common crime in the state of Florida is assault, with a reported 59,816 cases per year. The prison incarceration rate in Florida is approximately 470 inmates per every 100,000 residents, and the jail incarceration rate reaches about 280 inmates per every 100,000 residents.

Searching for Inmates in Florida

A Florida inmate search can be performed in several ways; via the Florida Department of Corrections database, a free inmate search service, and by Using GoLookUp. When using the Florida Department of Corrections database, you will need the first name, last name, and DC number of the inmate in question. The database includes information only about the offenders who were sentenced to state supervision or state prisons.

For a more in-depth search, you can use a free inmate search website that will provide you with a report about the inmate you are searching for in the Florida correctional system. If you decide to try a free inmate search website for a Florida inmate search, it is essential that you know about the shortcomings of such a site.

First of all, there are two kinds of free inmate search sites that provide public records information; sites that are entirely free of charge, and sites that only advertise themselves as free.

The first kind will provide you with basic information about inmates in Florida, but it is highly unlikely that you will get all the information you need. Why? Because these kinds of websites do not have the financial means to acquire access to all Florida public records. Also, the lack of funds makes free inmate search websites exposed to hackers because they do not have the means to provide users with data protection. Also, free inmate search websites do not have a customer service to help users when they have questions regarding a search or a problem they encountered.

The second kind of free inmate search service is, as mentioned, only free by title. These kinds of websites offer a minimal amount of information for free but will charge you for usage fees for any additional information.

Florida inmate search

An Accurate Inmate Search in Florida

The best way to find Florida inmates is to use a website that has access all the public records in the state, if not the entire country. GoLookUp has this kind of access to public records, and it can provide you with all the information you need regarding a particular inmate. All you have to do to find the inmate in question is to enter their first name and last name into GoLookUp's inmate search query. Once you do, GoLookUp will scan all Florida public records to find the person you are searching for.

Aside from information about the location of a specific inmate, you can receive full data about their criminal past and criminal records. GoLookUp scans millions of public records and provides users with a full inmate records report, including mugshots, arrest records, criminal records, etc.

All the information on the website is accurate, as it is taken from official authorities and official records. To make sure your data is safe and secure, GoLookUp operates an advanced protection network that prevents hackers from getting their hands on your data. Also, GoLookUp provides users with unlimited searches for no extra fees, so you can conduct as many queries as you need.

To conduct the most in-depth and accurate Florida inmate search, you need a professional service such as GoLookUp, that will provide you with accurate and up-to-date information about inmates in Florida.


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