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Fort Bend County Jail Overview and Inmate Information

Important information about Fort Bend County Jail and Fort Bend jail records!

Fort Bend County Jail is a detention center located in Richmond, Fort Bend County, Texas. It is under the administration of the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office. Currently, the jail administrator is Lieutenant Jeff Kovar.

Proper housing of all inmates in the jail is ensured by the staff by following the classification criteria set by the Texas Commission on Jail Standards. Apart from the supervision of inmate feeding, recreation, inmate workers and general cleanliness, the Housing Units also ensure that inmates participate in programs such as educational programs, treatment programs, religious services, and court-ordered work release programs. Mentally ill patients are also under the care of the Housing Units. 

To ensure a peaceful and controlled environment at all times, there are about 36 offices who are on duty at any given time in every shift. Officers who are on Day Shift usually have responsibilities that include supervising outside inmate movement such as court appearances, medical procedures, transport to other agencies, etc.

Fort Bend County Jail

On the other hand, the majority of Evening Shift duties are to do with inmate movement inside the facility. They supervise various inmate programs such as religious services, treatment, and educational programs, special tours, etc. Officers in the Night Shift are responsible for the preparation of inmates’ transfers to the State Jail system, Texas Department of Corrections, as well as other agencies outside the county.

All officers in these three shifts have undergone specialized training to handle any disturbance caused by inmates, visitors, or the weather.

Programs for inmates

Fort Bend County Jail understands the need for inmates to be housed in a safe and positive environment where they can take advantage of many learning and growth opportunities. As a response, the administration has made available some different programs for the inmates.

Some of these programs include Anger Management, Drug and Alcohol Programs, Job Readiness, Adult Education, General Education, and Parenting Skills. These courses help the inmates correct their undesirable behavior by teaching them new skills and lessons they need to successfully adapt to society once they are released. In other words, programs in jail help inmates by boosting the chances of a successful release.

The religious and spiritual needs of inmates are not neglected at Fort Bend County Jail. Religious services to cater to their spiritual needs are conducted. By nurturing their faith, the administration believes inmates have a good chance of correcting their behavior.

Fort Bend County Jail Inmate Search

The jail also has an outside work crew, whose responsibility is to maintain the grounds and landscaping of various county locations. Qualified inmates, as well as community service workers, make up the outside work crew. Responsibilities include grounds keeping, mowing, trimming, blowing, edging, weeding, removing the trash, planting, maintaining flower beds, and oversight on lawn sprinkler systems. They also wash and clean Sheriff Administration vehicles.

How can inmates be contacted at Fort Bend County Jail?

Inmates can be contacted either by e-messaging, mail or by visitation. E-Messaging enables inmates and family/friends to contact each other. No attachment is allowed. When you purchase an e-message, it includes one message sent by the family/friends and one reply from the inmate. Family and friends can also send mail to inmates, which is inspected by the Sheriff’s Office.

There are two kinds of visitations at Fort Bend County Jail – “from home” remote visitation, which is a video call, and on-site visitation. “From-Home” visitation is available daily for inmates between 8 am to 9 am. Also, each inmate is allowed two free on-site visits every week. Inmates can be contacted by phone as well.

Fort Bend County Jail can be contacted by phone at 281-341-4730. Their address is 1410 Williams Way Blvd. Richmond, TX 77469.

Fort Bend County Jail Inmate

Fort Bend County Jail Inmate Search

People who are booked into Fort Bend County jail are processed within 4 hours of their booking. Confirming information about any Fort Bend County jail inmate requires you to wait at least four hours before you can find booking data and Fort Bend jail records. So, if you want to find a Fort Bend County jail inmate who has been recently booked, you can perform an online search on the Fort Bend County sheriff's website and search for Fort Bend jail records. To perform the search, you need to enter the first name and the last name of the Fort Bend County jail inmate you want to track down. If that person is indeed held in the facility, you will be able to view their recent booking data.

Another way to find Fort Bend jail records about inmates is by using an online inmate search directory, like the one available to you on GoLookUp. Like the sheriff's website, GoLookUp provides a name-based inmate search directory you can use to track down a particular Fort Bend County jail inmate. The Fort Bend jail records searches on GoLookUp are performed by scanning official public records, so you can be certain the booking and arrest records reports you get on the website are accurate and reliable. The reports you get with GoLookUp contain the name of the inmate, their arrest records, mugshots, and additional criminal records data that will help you find out if the person you are searching is held at Fort Bend jail.

Fort Bend County Police Report Records Search

Getting information about Fort Bend County police report records can be tricky if you do, not have access to public records. Such records can provide you with personal information about people, including their criminal records. With Fort Bend County police report records, you will be able to find out valuable information about the people in your life, and learn who is lying to you about their criminal past.

To perform the search in a quick and easy manner, all you have to do is use GoLookUp's police records directory. The search engine is name-based, meaning you need to enter the name of a person to get access to their Fort Bend County police report records. Once you enter the name of the person that you have questions about, the search for their public records will immediately begin. upon the completion of the query, you will get a detailed report about the person that you are searching, including their full name, aliases, and of course - Fort Bend County police report records.

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