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Gaston County Jail Overview, Population, Inmates, Arrests, and Information

Gaston County Jail is located in North Carolina in the United States. The Sheriff’s office is responsible for administering and operating the county’s jail system.

Mission and Goals of Gaston County Jail

The purpose of the Gaston County Sheriff’s Office is to provide quality law enforcement, court security, detention, and civil services to the citizens who live in Gaston County and its visitors. They are dedicated to respectfully conducting themselves with the trust that has been placed upon them by the county.

They are committed to this mission and the people they serve to ensure that Gaston County is a safe place to live in, work at and visit.

Their vision is to work towards excellence through training, education and empowering their employees to provide the highest professional services to the citizens of the County.

Jackson County Jail overview

Established and opened on November 1, 1999, Gaston County Jail has an area of over 160,000 square feet and a total bed capacity of 408 with an operating inmate capacity of 368. The facility can house male state pretrial detainees and convicted inmates who are sentenced to serve their time in Gaston County jail, which is under the sheriff's supervision. The Jail also has a contract with the United States Marshal's Office to house federal pretrial inmates at a rate of $73.00 per day.

Gaston County Jail
Gaston County Jail’s Medical services
It has an on-site medical unit that has a medical staff who are available 24 hours a day to provide any medical care to the inmates at the jail and jail annex.

The amount that inmates pay the government at Gaston County Jail

State Work Release states that inmates need to pay a daily rate which is based on their yearly income with a minimum of $18 per day and maximum of $36 per day until their sentence is complete. The Jail is responsible for inmates who are sentenced to serve in jail during the weekend, by processing the inmates in and out of the facility every weekend and ensuring their sentence requirements are fulfilled.


Services provided to inmates at Gaston County Jail

The Facility offers multiple programs for the inmate to benefit. These programs are organized through partnerships with various agencies:
High School Program
GED Program
Domestic Violence Awareness
Substance Abuse Program
AA Program
HIV Awareness Program
Father’s Forever Program
Making Proud Choices Program
Birds and Bees Program

Gaston County Jail Inmates

Housing space at Gaston County Jail

The Gaston County Jail was structured to provide extra housing for inmates, and it was opened on May 3, 1996. The Annex covers a 24,740 square feet area with a total bed capacity of 176. It has an inmate capacity of 159 that can be operated. The Annex is used to house male and female who are pretrial inmates, inmates, and weekenders who are convicted and are sentenced to serve their time under the supervision of the Sheriff.

The Jail Annex also houses sentenced inmates who have a court ordered work release. It has a contract with the Federal Bureau of Prisons to house convicted federal inmates on Federal Work Release program. The Jail's staff is responsible for verifying and approving the employment status of each inmate before they start the program to monitor each inmate daily and the surveillance of each inmate on the program while keeping track of their employment status, and the hours that they are out of the facility. They also record their job site locations.

Arrests made in 2017
There were 9,877 males and 4,204 females who were booked into the Detention Facility.

Gaston County Inmate Search

To contact an inmate who is in Gaston County jail, you need to perform a Gaston County inmate search. An online search is available these days, so you do not have to call the facility to ask whether an inmate you are searching is currently held in the facility. Once you confirm the whereabouts of the inmate you are searching, you will be able to invoke visitation and contact rights to get in touch with the said person. A Gaston County inmate search is available in the following websites:

1. Gaston County sheriff's office website – you can perform an online search with the Gaston County official sheriff's website. The search requires you to provide several details about the inmate you are searching; last name, first name, global inmate number, booking number, booking from date, booking to date, and housing facility. If you do not have one of these details, you can perform another online search on a different website.

2. GoLookUp – GoLookUp specializes in public records reports, including criminal records. To perform a Gaston County inmate search, all you have to do is enter the name of the person you are searching into GoLookUp's inmate search directory. The search engine on GoLookUp will then scan public records to find information about the person you are searching, and it will provide you with a report about the said person. Among other details, the report will including booking data about the inmate and information about the facility they are held in. So, you will be able to perform a Gaston County inmate search quickly and easily whenever you want and find out if the inmate you are searching is in Gaston County jail or in another facility.

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