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Georgia Inmate Search: Valuable Information of Georgia Crime Statistics

The state of Georgia has a population of 10.43 million residents, and an inmate population of 103,000. Out of these inmates, 53,000 are found in state prisons, 43,000 inmates in local jails, 5,700 inmates in federal prisons, and 1,600 in use correctional facilities.

The large number of people in the Georgia correctional system makes it difficult to track down a certain inmate. If you need to conduct a Georgia inmate search, you need to use a website that provides professional people search services, such as GoLookUp. You can also use free inmate search websites, as well as state search facilities, and now you can learn more about these methods, and Georgia's crime stats.

Georgia Crime in Numbers

The average number of crimes per year in the state of Georgia is 350,760. The number of violent crimes in the state is 40,990 (a rate of 398 crimes per every 100,000 residents), and the number of property crimes in Georgia is 309,770 (a rate of 3,004 crimes per every 100,000 residents). The prevalence of crime in the state of Georgia is as follows:

  1. Assaults – 24,595 cases per year
  2. Robbery – 12,205 cases per year
  3. Rape – 3,509 cases per year
  4. Murder – 681 cases per year

The chances of falling victim to a crime in Georgia is 1 in 252, and the incarceration rate in the state is 512 per every 100,000 residents.

Georgia inmate search

Searching for Inmates in Georgia

Conducting a Georgia inmate search can be done in a number of ways, the first of which is available to you via Georgia Department of Corrections website. To find the inmate in question, you will need to provide their first name, last name, or use a description (gender, race, age, and most recent institution).

For a name-based search alone, you can use a free inmate search website. Today, there are two kinds of such free websites, and while their free services may sound tempting, it's important for you to know what free inmate search websites really offer.

The first kind of free inmate search website is only free for a limited number of services. What does this mean? It means that if you want to find the location of a certain inmate, you will eventually have to pay for such a service with these "free" inmate search websites. These sites are only free for advertisement purposes, and they require payment for additional services.

Unlike these websites, you can also find free inmate search sites that do not charge any fees for their services. Unfortunately, the free service comes with a price – a lack of information. True free inmate search sites do not have the financial means to tap into public records in Georgia, or other state. This means that you will not receive the information you need regarding a certain inmate in Georgia because the sites simply do not have the proper access to his/her records.

Furthermore, free inmate search sites do not have the means to protect your information from hackers, which can lead to a data breach and the theft of your personal details. When you add the fact that free inmate search sites do not have a customer service to assist you when necessary, the conclusion is that the best inmate search site is GoLookUp.

inmate search Georgia

An Accurate Inmate Search in Georgia

GoLookUp provides its users with accurate, quick, and reliable background checks, including Georgia inmate searches. The professional website has the means to access all Georgia public records, and pull out inmate information about the person you are searching for. This is possible thanks to advanced search engines operated by the website that scan millions of public records all over the state.

If you need to perform a Georgia inmate search, you can do so with GoLookUp by simply providing the name of the inmate in question. Afterwards, the website does the rest of the work for you – GoLookUp scans Georgia public records to locate the inmate you are searching for, and provide you with their current location information.

Aside from the inmate's location, you will also receive a full report that includes their mugshot, criminal history, arrest records, contact information, social media information, and much more details.

To provide users with the best inmate search service, GoLookUp provides reports within minutes, allowing you to find the person you are searching for quickly and easily. The site also makes it a point to protect the personal information of all its users, by providing them with full cyber protection against hackers. In case you have questions about the numerous background check services provided by GoLookUp, you can contact the site's professional 24/7 customer service, and receive help in any matter.

For the best Georgia inmate search, you need the best website, and GoLookUp is the place where you can get such a professional service at any time you need.

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