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When someone is in prison, their family and friends would want to find out where they are. They would like to know their location and find out when they would be released from prison. This is possible through both online and offline modes. Finding people in jail is important not just for relatives of a prisoner but for their victims too. The victims would want to track prisoners to find out where they are housed and when they would be released.

The Florida Department of Corrections maintains records of inmates in state prisons in Florida. Those convicted of serious offenses with imprisonment of more than a year would be in state prisons. Anyone convicted of a minor offense where imprisonment is for less than a year would be sent to jail at the county where they are convicted. The counties either maintain records online or provide it offline for anyone searching for this data.

Searching for Florida State Prison Inmates Online

The Florida Department of Corrections has an offender search application on its website. It can be used to search for prisoners who are in state prisons. is the webpage from where the search for state prison inmates can be carried out.

It is possible to search for prison inmates by typing the first and last name in full or by typing a few letters of the name. If the DC number of the inmate is known, it can be used to get an accurate search result. It is possible to even search for aliases. Those with low-speed internet can choose to skip seeing photos to ensure the results page loads faster.

There are other options available in the search, including the option to search only for offenders whose photo has been uploaded. The number of records to be displayed while searching can be selected prior to clicking the Submit request button. You can see results under four categories – Inmate population, Inmate release, Supervised release, and Absconders.

Once the search results are displayed, you can go through them to find out the person who you are looking for. Once you find it, you can click on it to view the full record on a single page. Information on the prisoner like the name of the prisoner, DC number, prison lodged in at present, offense committed, date of incarceration, and date of release can be viewed along with the photo.

Florida Department of State has made it easy to search for those housed in county jails. It has a webpage with complete details of county jails with contact number and link to online inmate search (if facility available). This can be accessed by visiting

Using Third-Party Sites

Apart from official websites, there are many third-party sites providing information on finding prison inmates. These include and There are other sites like that provide access to prison inmate records for the public. The site has compiled these records from various sources and by typing the first and last name. Anyone can search for these records. Accessing these records is possible by paying a fee.

How to Find out if Someone is in Jail by Phone or Fax

In case of any problems accessing the online search option, one can contact the Florida Department of Corrections by calling up the Bureau of Classification and Central Records. Their number is (850) 488-9859. There is no fax number provided. Phone numbers of all county jails are provided in and they can be contacted on for information on inmates.

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