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There are approximately 47,000 people incarcerated in the Indiana prison system. The largest group is housed in state prisons while the rest are based in county jails. Around 3,300 offenders are located in the federal prison system while nearly 1,600 are kept in youth detention centers and mental health facilities. The majority of reasons why someone is arrested and jailed are drug charges. Property-related crimes and assault are the second leading offenses. The murder rate is fairly low in Indiana State.

Anyone can access the Indiana Department of Correction’s offender database to locate an inmate housed within the Indiana prison system. People might do this for the following reasons:

- To check when a family member or friend is being released

- To learn about the offender’s sentence and charges

- The victim may want to know when the offender is being released

- To determine which state or county jail the inmate is housed

Difference between County and State Prisons in Indiana

Indiana has a basic corrections system. Currently, there are 17 state prisons that house offenders with long-term sentences. There are two intake facilities that will determine where the inmate should be sent. There is also a community corrections program to help inmates return to society. There are one federal prison and 21 juvenile detention centers. The latter houses youth offender aged 18 and under.

The state prison is divided into two types of custody: minimum security and maximum security. After the prisoner is evaluated and tested, he or she will be sent to one of the state facilities to serve out their respective sentences. There are currently 2 prisons within the states for female prisoners. Examples of charges that may send an inmate to a state prison include money laundering, breaking and entering, etc.

In Indiana State, there is 1 federal prison named Terre Haute FCC. Within its complex, there are two facilities: one medium-security called FCI Terre Haute and one maximum-security called USP Terre Haute. Inmates housed here are individuals who have broken federal laws. This prison is operated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Examples of this type of law include child kidnapping, bank robbery, federal hate crimes, etc.

County jails are holding cells for inmates who are arrested and waiting for their initial hearing. Some are housed here for a short period in jail. The local Sheriff’s office manages and operates the county jail within its jurisdiction in Indiana. There are 97 such counties within the state. There is no central listing of county jails within the state. Examples of crimes that carry a sentence in a county jail include disturbing the peace, petty theft, traffic violations, indecent exposure, etc.


Searching for Indian State Prison Inmates Online

Talk about how you can access the state prison database to locate a person in prison

List out the details you require of the person (name, charge, etc)

Talk about the official government site to find a person in prison

How to locate an inmate through the state prison database?

The names of all inmates within the Indiana prison system are listed in a database managed by the Indiana Department of Correction. Anyone can easily conduct an inmate search. There is an offender search feature on the website. Listed below, are the steps you can take to find an inmate:

  1. Visit
  2. From the main menu, select “Offender Locator”
  3. Enter the inmate’s last name or the ID number. The first name is optional. Use only one search form at a given time.
  4. Select ‘search’ and view the results.
  5. In the results, you will the inmate’s DOC number, race, gender, date of birth and facility. To see additional details about the inmate, click on the DOC number.

Juvenile offenders’ names are not listed in this database. The public cannot easily access them either. To find an inmate housed in a juvenile detention center, you must directly contact the Indiana Department of Correction, Division of Youth Services. Only legal counsel, some friends, and family members may access this information.

Using Third-Party Sites

You may also use various third-party sites to find details about a particular inmate in the Indian prison system. Some may charge a fee while many are free of charge. Listed below are few such third party sites:

1) PrisonPro-

Enter the last and first names of the inmate to conduct a public records search.

2) Inmates Plus-

This database; lists the numbers of the state, federal and juvenile prisons in Indiana.

How to Find if Someone is in Jail via Phone or Fax

To locate an inmate via phone or fax, visit

Choose Adult, Juvenile, Parole, Community Corrections or Work Release. Select the facility where the person in question is housed to retrieve the phone number or fax information.

Alternatively, you may locate an inmate by directly contacting the Indiana Department of Correction at 1-800-457-8383.

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