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Wyoming Inmate and Arrest Records Search

Understanding if someone is in jail for several reasons is very important:

  • When you plan to move homes, running a search on the sex offenders and other criminals in your area will help ensure the safety of your family.
  • You’ll find out if someone who's been convicted in the past is still being held or released.
  • Data about relatives you haven’t heard of in a long time can be reviewed by performing an inmate search to see whether they’ve been convicted of any crimes.

To carry out an objective search, it is important to know how different county jails, state prisons, and federal prisons are.

  • County jails typically hold prisoners who face their trial or sentencing hearing date and only if their sentence is less than 1 or 2 years.
  • State prisons have inmates completing sentences of more than 1 or 2 years after the crime was found guilty.
  • Offenders who have been found guilty of federal crimes are sent to federal prisons.

Being mindful of these discrepancies will ensure that your search results are accurate and that you have the right jurisdiction to look at.

Wyoming Arrest Records
Searching for Wyoming state prison inmates online

The Wyoming Department of Corrections makes available an online database to find certain prisoners. Allowing people to quickly access correct information online is the goal of the official inmate finder service. For family members to conduct cursory searches, these repositories are extremely handy, but the details in them may be inaccurate and obsolete. The only real way to find an inmate is to get the Corrections Department to corroborate the data found in the database. Still, these databases play an important role in providing the public with much-needed information.

The detainees can be easily identified by entering details of their name and file number. To use the Wyoming inmate finder, visit the official website and enter the inmate’s first and last name to begin your search. The information generated can act as a reference guide and includes several fields of information, even if the prisoner in question shares a name with someone else in the process. Terms of parole, court records, probation arrangements, records of jail conduct and lists of criminal history can easily be made available online through the database.

Using third party sites

In addition to using the Wyoming Inmate Finder from the Wyoming Department of Corrections, you can use third-party web services to access information about an inmate with descriptions of their first and last name, state or federal prison location, and other data such as sex, date of birth, and race that may increase the accuracy of the search results.

Arrest Records in Wyoming
How to find if someone is in jail via phone or fax

You can also go directly to the Wyoming Department of Corrections to obtain information about a prisoner. Contacting the department of the local state police, local representative or the responsible lawyer will help a victim know where their perpetrator is and stay informed if an order is made for their release. The correctional department can provide hard copies of the collected prisoner information as well. Individuals can also directly contact the actual facility they know the inmate will be in to narrow down the field of prisoners, making the overall search easier.

A phone call, fax, or even mail to the Wyoming Department of Corrections will give you access to the information you need:

Phone number:

  • 307-777-7208


  • 307-777-7846

Mailing address:
Wyoming Department of Corrections
1934 Wyott Drive, Suite 100
Cheyenne, WY 82002

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