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Maine Arrest Records and Inmate Search

You may want to find out if someone is in prison or jail. There could be many reasons for that. The person may be a friend or family member who you have not contacted. You may suspect the person has been imprisoned and may want to trace him. You may have known someone who was in prison and wants to know if he has been released. In either of these cases, you can find out if someone is in a correctional facility or not.

A correctional facility can be a state prison or a county jail. The county jail has inmates who have been sentenced for less than one year. A person awaiting trial may also be kept in the county jail. Information about those in county jails can be found by visiting the county website. State prisons are correctional facilities for those imprisoned for more than a year. Those who have committed serious offenses would be in state prison.

Maine Arrest Records
Searching for Maine State Prison Inmates

In the state of Maine, there are six state prisons for adults. These prisons come under the jurisdiction of the Maine Department of Corrections. One may note that when juveniles are sent to a correctional facility, their details are not shared and it is not possible to search for juveniles due to related privacy laws protecting juvenile rights. Information on adult prisoners can be found easily.

Maine, like most states, has created an online facility to help in searching for state prison inmates. This facility can be accessed by visiting

This is the official government site used to find prisoners in Maine. The following options are available to search for prisoners in Maine:

  1. a) A unique number (MDOC number)
  2. b) First name
  3. c) Middle name
  4. d) Last name
  5. e) Gender
  6. f) Age range
  7. g) Weight range in pounds
  8. h) Height range in feet and inches
  9. i) Eye color
  10. j) Hair color
  11. k) Race
  12. l) Tattoos, marks, and scars
  13. m) Present status – incarcerated or community
  14. n) Location
  15. o) Type of offense (the charge for which sentenced)

One or more of the above criteria can be used to search for prisoners. A last name like Smith can throw up hundreds of results. Filtering can be done using first name, hair color, offense, etc. The more criteria used helps to get accurate results. The complete criminal record is not displayed. Based on the search results, you can click on a profile to see the details. It will tell you where the prisoner is housed.

Arrest Records in Maine
Using Third-Party Sites

Apart from the official site of the government department, there are third party sites that can be used to search for prison inmates in Maine. For example, a website called has a public records search option that can be used to search for inmates of Maine prison by visiting this page. Either the last or first name can be used to find this information. is another third party website that has resources to help you find inmates. They have links to the official website, and for most states, they have compiled the prisoner data to help you find prisoners in the state you want. You can find the information from this page.

How to Find out if Someone is in Jail by Phone or Fax

If there is any problem using the online search facility of the Maine Department of Corrections, one can get assistance from the department officials. It is possible to find if someone is in jail by calling the Webdesk of the department by emailing or by calling up (207) 287-2711. The fax number of the department is (207) 287-4370.

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