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Jail or Penitentiary have become a part of our urban society. It serves as a place for repentance and correctional facility for individuals committing crimes or aid in crimes. A jail record is important for authority to update individuals about criminal backgrounds and raise awareness. It is imperative for people to be able to access jail records in order to verify claims. It is also important for new businesses and individuals to check the background of any new employee or business partner in order to make better decisions. Also for families who have moved onto a new location need to search for criminals in the area in order to be well aware. There are also instances of long lost relatives who are not in touch and may have been accused of in a crime.

There are County Prison and State Prison. County prison is normally for inmates serving sentences of less than a year in tenure or undergoing trials until sentenced. They also serve as house arrests, release program and work furlough where convicted individuals can serve their sentences over weekends.

State Prison is for more serious offenses where the sentence is for more than a year. Culpable Homicide, Rape are some of the crimes for which individuals are sent to State Prison.

Searching for Kentucky State Prison Inmates Online

There are many websites which provide the state jail database in order to locate a particular individual or list of offenders in an area. The most basic way to search is to enter the area and the penitentiary or jail name and select the jail. There are also state Penitentiary websites which provide the details. One can access the official web page of any of the jail and lookup inmates by any available detail. One can also access details of a local criminal based upon the offense.

While Searching for a particular inmate, one needs to provide their name, ID number, Date Of Birth(DOB), Age, Sex, Race, Custody Status, Location, etc.

Kentucky State Government website to find details of an Inmate is:

Federal Prison Website to check details of a particular inmate:

Using Third-Party Sites

The best way to search for a particular inmate is with the VINELink Network. Its the Victim Information and Notification everyday link, that updates and provides the most accurate and reliable data of prison inmates for the county and state prisons. Vine link is the best and free way to search and provides all details regarding an inmate's conviction, transfers, and any upcoming hearing.

Another free website for accurate and updated inmate information is Here one can select the state and select the county or state prison in order to access inmate information.

How to Find if Someone in Jail via Phone or Fax

Apart from accessing inmate details over the internet, there are other methods to locate a particular inmate. One can also call the jails directly with the inmate details so as to get the information. Most of the County and State Jails have their contact number on their website, where they can be contacted.

In order to call the Federal Bureau Of Prisons if one is not aware of the whereabouts of an Inmate, the contact details are:


Federal Bureau of Prisons

320 First St., NW

Washington, DC 20534


(202) 307-3198

Kentucky State Penitentiary is located in Eddyville and can be accessed via phone, its contact details are:


Kentucky State Penitentiary

266 Water St, Eddyville,

KY 42038, United States

Warden: DeEdra Hart

Secretary: Donna Dunbar

Phone: (270) 388-2211

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