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How to Find if Someone is in Jail in Maryland?

Finding someone who is in jail has become easier than ever due to the internet. Most states now have a free "Find an Inmate" option. Prisoners in jail are sought out due to various reasons. You may want to re-establish contact with a lost family member who is now in prison, or you could be seeking out a prisoner who may have connections with a legal case concerning you. The first thing to know is if the person is in a county prison or state prison.

The basic difference between state and county jail is the time that a person spends in prison. A convict who serves less than a year is housed by county jails. State prisons hold convicts who are serving larger prison sentences for crimes that are more violent. For example, county jails largely house convicts that have committed third-degree felonies and petty misdemeanors such as theft or shoplifting. On the other hand, state prisons are built for people convicted of crimes of a more violent nature such as first-degree murder and rape.

Maryland Arrest Records

Searching for Maryland State Prison Inmates Online

State prison databases can be easily used to find a prisoner in Maryland. Everyone who is arrested through a warrant is processed through the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services. The inmate locator of the state of Maryland allows a person to find out the information of a prisoner through their first and last names. The information of inmates housed in the Division of Correctional Facilities, Division of Pretrial and Detention Services Facilities, and the Patuxent institution.

The website of Maryland's State Department of Correction also holds other information such as Offender Contact Information, Sex Offender Registry, and the Offender Visitation Forms. The website will also tell you about the following information:

  • The time it will take for a convict to be processed.
  • The charges, status, location of arrest, and the case number of the convict.
  • The bail and fee amounts paid by the convict, if any.
  • If a case involves a juvenile offender, the website will tell you where they will be taken for processing.

Using Third-Party Sites

Various third party sites allow you to search for the information of a convict. There are various databases present all over the internet that allows you to search for not only the records of present convicts but also past prisoners.

Different search locator sites will require you to input minimal information about convicts. The most commonly used search locator is VINELink, which stands for Victim Notification System. It covers the state of Maryland extensively. You can choose to be notified of changes to a prisoner's status, including their release date.

Maryland Arrest Records

Other third-party sites that will help you find an inmate include Search Quarry, which will give you all the information you require. You can learn about the prisoner's visitation hours, inmate addresses, schedule a visit with them, and be updated about their release date and moving information.

If you require information on a past or present inmate, you should use the help of Maryland's Inmate Records Search. The Inmate Record's Search will help you obtain all information regarding the prisoner's serving sentence, details of their case, their prison and court records, and all additional information that relates to their incarceration.

How to Find if Someone in Jail via Phone or Fax

You can also find out a prisoner's current position and release date by contacting the detention centers directly. To obtain incarceration information online, you can contact the Maryland Department of Corrections in the following ways:

  • Phone Number: (410) 339-5000
  • Juvenile Detention Center: (301) 762-7800
  • Fax Number: (410) 764- 4184
  • Mailing Address: Division of Correction, 300 East Joppa Road, Maryland 21286, Towson.
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