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North Dakota Arrest Records and Inmate Search

If you have a friend or relative who has been imprisoned for committing an offense, it is possible to find him. You can find a person in prison in different ways. One is by searching online on the official websites of the prison authorities. The other is by searching on third party sites. You can even find a person offline by calling the department. Victims can search for an offender online and find out when the inmate will be released. It is possible to even register to get notifications when a prisoner is released.

Anyone who has been imprisoned is sent either to county jail or state prison. An offender imprisoned for less than a year will be sent to county jail, whereas an offender imprisoned for more than a year will end up in state prison. The North Dakota Corrections and Rehabilitations department maintains all state prisons in North Dakota. County jails in each county are maintained by the local authorities, like the Sheriff or the Police Chief.

North Dakota Arrest Records

Searching for North Dakota State Prison Inmates Online

The North Dakota Corrections and Rehabilitations department has an online resident lookup facility that allows anyone to search for prison inmates. Anyone who wants to find a resident of a state prison in North Dakota can use this facility. It is available on the page

The resident lookup is very simple. There are no multiple search fields or criteria to use. Just one text box is on the page. All you need to do is type the last name of the inmate or a few letters of the last name. It will then display all those prison inmates whose last name matches the text you typed. You can go through the list, it will show you the details of the prisoner to help you find the person you are looking for.

Once you find the details of the person, you can click anywhere to view the complete record. It must be noted that all the details of the prison inmate are not displayed. Only some basic details are displayed. The information shown on this site are:

  • The photograph of the prisoner
  • The first, middle, and last name of the prisoner
  • The date of birth
  • The estimated release date
  • The name of the prison where the prisoner is housed at present with the full address and contact number

Victims can make use of the ND SAVIN system that provides notifications on prisoners. This allows a victim to get notifications whenever there is any change in the prisoner status. One can register for notifications by clicking on the Register option, which is done through VINE Link.

 Arrest Records in North Dakota

Using Third Party Sites

Third party sites are those maintained by private agencies. These sites have a lot of information like tips on finding inmates, official links to prison department websites, and links to counties to find county jail inmates. and are websites that have compiled a lot of such useful information. Other third party sites like allow anyone to search for prison inmates online. Prison records and other public records have been compiled by the website that makes it available for the public to access on payment of a fee.

How to Find out if Someone is in Jail by Phone or Fax

Those who wish more information on prison inmates or any other such details can contact the department. The phone number to contact the department is (701) 328-6390. The fax number to send faxes to the department is (701) 328-6651.

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