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Maybe you’ve lost touch with a loved one who you knew had trouble with the law. Perhaps, you knew someone who got incarcerated and would like to find out whether he/she is still behind the bars. There are many reasons why a person would like to know if someone is in jail. Thankfully, there are just as many resources today to enable you to find out if someone is in prison or not. We will be looking at these in-depth below.

A person may be sentenced to a state prison or a county jail. Where they are directed to serve time generally depends on the gravity of their sentence. County jails house inmates who have to serve time that is less than a year. These jails also house those individuals who are unable to receive bail and are still awaiting their sentencing while they make Court appearances. State prisons, on the other hand, hold inmates who are incarcerated for more severe crimes and are required to serve lengthier sentences.

South Carolina Arrest Records
Searching for South Carolina State Prison Inmates Online

You can look up people you believe are in prison in the state of South Carolina by running an inmate search using their official website -

When you visit the official website for the South Carolina Department of Corrections, you can access information publicly on inmates currently sentenced to and incarcerated there. A display photograph is also provided for each inmate to facilitate identification. While you will be able to gain information on inmates and individuals due to serve sentence at the South Carolina Department of Corrections, you will not be privy to any information on offenders who have been released or are out on parole or even serving probation. Fugitive and juvenile offender information is also confidential.

You can search for an inmate by their SCDC ID if it is known to you. Otherwise, you can use their State Identification (SID) number or even their name. There’s an option for “Phonetic Match”, which will return results based on similar names with the pronunciation of the name that you have provided as a detail for search.

How to Find if Someone is in Jail via Phone or Fax

The South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC) also offers citizens with a toll-free inmate information line 1-866-727-2846 besides their web inmate search option. They do not have a fax number as of yet where you can reach out to avail information on incarcerated inmates. SCDC strives to serve as accurate information as possible from their end. However, they do not provide any guarantee for the reliability of this data.

Arrest Records in South Carolina

Using Third-Party Sites

Besides using the official South Carolina Department of Corrections website to run an inmate search, there are various other prison search engines made available on the Internet. In fact, the SCDC itself provides a third party inmate search link Vine ( on their website.

Alternatively, you can use websites such as,,, and


Our article provides interested citizens with information regarding how they can locate friends/family that have been sentenced to a South Carolina county jail or prison. They may be trying to hunt down a long lost friend or somebody they’d fallen out of touch with. The prison database offers information on current inmates. So, if they know their loved one’s name, they will easily be able to use this information to track down their prison whereabouts and reestablish connect with them. Once they know of their current location, they can contact them via mail or schedule a prison visit.

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