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Vermont Inmate and Arrest Records Search

It might benefit you to run a check on whether or not someone is in jail for several reasons:
  • If you switch houses and enter a new community, looking for sex offenders and other local criminals will help you protect your own and the safety of your family.
  • By running a search, you’ll have access to information about whether or not someone arrested in the past is still incarcerated.
  • Also, information about your relatives’ inmate records can be reviewed to see whether they have been convicted in criminal cases.
There are currently more than 1,700 state prisons in the United States, 102 federal prisons and 3,200 municipal jails. It’s important to know the difference between a county, state, and federal prison to make sure you’re looking in the right place. State prisons are distinct from the county and federal prisons in terms of prison population and level of crime/conviction.
  • Criminal offenses that have been tried and convicted in a state court with sentences of more than 1 or 2 years will put a person in state prison.
  • If the sentence is given happens to be less than 1 or 2 years, or the person is still awaiting a court proceeding/sentencing, they will be placed in county jail.
  • Federal prisons house prisoners charged with federal crimes and found guilty.

Vermont Arrest Records

Searching for Vermont state prison inmates online

Detailed records of inmates who are serving their sentence in Vermont state prisons are available through a centralized database, the Vermont Inmate Finder, which has been developed by the Vermont Department of Corrections in collaboration with the Jail Tracker. On the Vermont Inmate Finder, you can look for an offender in a correctional facility, probation and parole facility, or housing in Vermont. Details to be entered include first and/ or the last name and streamlining the search is possible by selecting the type (released inmates, current inmates or all) if you are not sure. Fields like date of birth, gender, race can also be entered, if known to you, to narrow search results.

The Vermont Inmate Finder provides you with details about:
  • Inmate’s case number and code
  • Offender status (sentenced, detained, on probation or parole)
  • Description of charges on the offender
  • Warrant number
  • Bond type and amount
  • Type of court in which the case was tried
  • Date of appearance before the court
  • Date of the offense
  • Arrest date and arresting agency
It also has a side column with the following details:

  • Agency currently holding the offender
  • First, middle and last name of the offender
  • Suffix
  • Offender’s current age
  • Time and date of booking
  • Race, sex, alias
  • Name of a parole officer
  • Name of caseworker
  • Minimum and maximum release dates
  • Date of release
  • Current status of the offender
You will still need to contact the institution where the offender is completing the sentence to confirm the details or obtain additional information.

Using third party sites

Apart from using the Vermont Inmate Finder from the Vermont Department of Corrections, you can approach several online third-party sites to access inmate information by entering details relating to the first and last name, state or federal prison location, and information like gender, birth date, and race to narrow search results. It is important to use a reputable third-party platform to prevent fraud and improve the accuracy of the information collected.

Arrest Records in Vermont

How to find if someone is in jail via phone or fax?

You can even contact the Vermont Department of Corrections directly if you experience difficulty in accessing the information online or just prefer direct communication. If you’re seeking information about your offender, contacting your local state police department, congressman or your case’s prosecutor can provide you with information about your offender’s current location and the possibility of their release. A phone call, fax, or a mail can provide you with the required information:

Phone number:
  • 802-241-2442
  • 802-241-2565
  • 802-241-0020
Mailing address:

Vermont Department of Corrections
NOB 2 South, 280 State Drive
Waterbury, VT 05671-2000

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