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Washington Inmate and Arrest Records SearchA person who may have committed any offense against the law can be approached by the police and taken to jail. In such a circumstance, they may not be allowed to contact any person. Family and friends may not be aware of any such arrest either. Being able to get in touch with the inmate can help family and friends communicate with them and possibly avail them of some legal remedies.

When a person is arrested, they are first taken to the county jail. Here, they will be reprimanded to police custody until they can be brought before the court for a hearing. The accused can also apply for bail, which can either be accepted or denied by the concerned court of law. If the person’s bail application is denied, they will have to remain in the county jail until their proceedings are completed.

When a person’s sentence has been given by the court, they will then be shifted out of the county jail and taken to the state prison. For example, if a person is convicted for 30 years on charges of a violent crime, the person will remain in the county jail until the determination of the time that is to be served. After the court passes the order, the person will be moved to the state prison. For crimes and offenses that require imprisonment for one year or less, the person will be kept in the county jail itself. The state prison is known to house inmates accused of more serious crimes, who can be a threat to society.

Washington Arrest Records

Searching for Washington State Prison Inmates Online

It is important to know a few details in advance before you begin your inmate search. The most important information to know is the state in which the inmate has been imprisoned. If you are unable to find any information about the concerned person online, they may be in Federal custody or might have been transferred to another facility.
To find an inmate in the Washington state prison, you will first need to visit the Washington State Department of Corrections website. You will be redirected to the main page where you will find an option of ‘Inmate Search’. Once you click on this button, you will be shown the different terms and conditions that have to be agreed upon before you begin your search.

You will be asked if you are in agreement with the disclaimer and terms of use. You can move ahead by clicking the ‘Yes, I accept. Go to.. Inmate Search’ button. Here you can enter either the inmate’s first and last name or their Department of Corrections (DOC) number. You will then be redirected to the required information about the inmate, as well as the facility at which they are currently being housed.

Arrest Records in Washington

Using Third-Party Sites

The Department of Corrections of Washington State website is the primary source of information regarding any inmates. If for any reason, you cannot access the official page, you can make use of any of the third-party sites available online. These sites also require you to enter either the first and last name of the inmate or their DOC number. Efforts are undertaken to keep these records up to date, but there could be a possibility that the available information may not reflect the exact current status of the inmate.

How to Find if Someone in Jail via Phone or Fax

If you do not wish to use the online inmate search tool, you can also find out about the concerned inmate via phone or fax. The Washington State Department of Corrections is open for queries Monday to Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Given below is the contact number for the main office - (360) 725-8213. You can also visit the official website to send across an email to the concerned authorities.

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