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Indiana Inmate Search

The total number of people in the state of Indiana is 6.667 million residents, and the number of inmates in the state is 46,000. The inmates in the state are found in different facilities as follows:

  • 29,000 inmates in state prisons.
  • 13,000 inmates in local jails
  • 2,400 inmates in federal prisons
  • 1,600 inmates in youth correctional facilities

Many people need to conduct an Indiana inmate search for legal purposes, to find friends, and find relatives in the state’s correctional system. There are several ways to do so, such a a free inmate search, or by using the state’s search resources. However, the best method to perform an Indiana inmate search is with GoLookUp, and now you can find out about the benefits of the all-around service provided by the website.

Indiana Inmate Search

Indiana Crime in Numbers

The annual average of crimes in Indiana is 198,604, with assault being the most common crime in the state (annual average of 16,575 crimes a year). The violent crime rate in Indiana is 405 crimes per every 100,000 residents (26,845 crimes per year). The property crime rate in Indiana is 2,589 crimes per every 100,000 residents (171,759 crimes a year).

The chances of falling victim to a crime in Indiana are quite high at 1 in 247, with especially high chances of falling victim to a property crime (1 in 39).

Searching for Inmates in Indiana

In any case you need to conduct an Indiana inmate search, you have several search options at your disposal. The first one is provided by the state of Indiana that allows you to perform an inmate search on the Indiana Department of Correction website. The search engine requires you to provide a first name, last name, or the offender number.

Another way to perform an Indiana inmate search is to use a free inmate search website. The information you will need to provide to conduct a free inmate search is the first name and last name of the the person in question. advertised. Nowadays, there are websites that advertise themselves ad free inmate search sites, but in reality, they require users to pay for services rendered.

Free inmate search sites only provide a few details about before they ask for payment, so you should read the fine print when using these types of websites.

There is also a second kind of free inmate search sites that do not charge users for any fees whatsoever. The problem with such sites is that they do not have the financial means to afford access to Indiana public records. That is why many free inmate search sites do not provide their users with the information they require. The lack of financial resources also means that free inmate search sites do not provide users with protection of their information. When combined with a lack of customer service and support, you should avoid free inmate search websites, and use a professional inmate search service.

Indiana Inmate Search

An Accurate Inmate Search in Indiana

GoLookUp provides users with all background check services, including an inmate search service. If you need data on any inmate in the state of Indiana, all you have to do is enter their first name and last name. The website then scans all public records in Indiana, and produces a full background check report on said inmate.

The report includes a complete history of the innate you are searching for, such as their criminal records, arrest records, mugshots, marriage records, education history, and any additional information maintained by the authorities in the state of Indiana.

The professional inmate search conducted by GoLookUp is 100% accurate because it relies on official public records, so you can be certain that you get a reliable inmate search report. Also, the website operates around the clock customer service that can help you get answers to any questions you may have.

You can also be certain that you will not be charged for every search thanks to GoLookUp’s unlimited search policy that allows you to run as many inmate search queries as you need. The site’s advanced and up-to-date protection software and network guarantees you confidentiality, and also the protection of your search history.

For any Indiana inmate search, GoLookUp is available at your disposal for the quickest, most accurate, and most professional background check services.  

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