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Iowa Inmate Search: Learn How You can Lookup Inmates and Public Records in Iowa!

With a population of 3.146 million residents, the state of Iowa is the 30th most populous state in the United States. Out of the millions of Iowa residents, there are 17,000 inmates behind bars; 8,800 of them are in state prisons, 4,800 are held in local jails, 2,700 are in federal prisons, and 270 Iowa inmates are held in youth correctional facilities.

For those of you who need to inquire about the location of a certain inmate, you can use Iowa state’s search services, free inmate search services, or a professional inmate search service, such as GoLookUp.

Iowa inmate search

Iowa Crime in Numbers

The crime rate in Iowa is relatively low when compared to the national average, with an annual average of 74,501 crimes. The property crime rate in Iowa is 2,086 crimes per every 100,000 residents (a total of 65,391 crimes a year), and the violent crime rate in Iowa is 291 crimes per every 100,000 residents (a total of 9,110 crimes a year).

Like many other states in the US, assault is the most common crime in Iowa, with a reported 6,644 incidents a year. Assault is followed by rape (1,247 reported cases a year), robbery (1,148 reported cases a year), and murder (71 reported cases a year). The relatively low crime rates in Iowa translate to a low risk of falling victim to a crime - 1 in 344 to be exact.

Searching for Inmates in Iowa

The Iowa Department of Corrections allows you to perform an online inmate search that requires users to provide the full name of the inmate in question, their birth date range, sex, offender number, and the offense they have committed.

If you do not have all the necessary details to conduct an Iowa inmate search with the state’s online search service, you can use a free inmate search website instead. If you choose this type of service, you need to know in advance that you cannot receive a full inmate report with free inmate search websites. Why? because these kinds of websites do not charge users for any service fees, so they lack the financial resources necessary to access Iowa public records.

Free inmate search sites also cannot afford to establish a customer support service, so if you encounter any problems, you will not receive any assistance. However, there is even a bigger problem with free inmate search sites, and that is the lack of protection of their users' personal information. A lack of funds translates to an inability to provide cyber protection against hackers, which means you computer can be hacked by other people.

Aside from free inmate search sites, there are also similar service providers that charge users for the customers they provide. By providing you with very basic Iowa inmate lookup services, “free” inmate search sites make you pay fees for additional information.

Iowa inmate search

An Accurate Inmate Search in Iowa

Instead of going on unsecure and basic inmate search sites, you can use GoLookUp for any information you need about inmates in the state. Unlike free inmate search sites, GoLookUp has the means and the access to Iowa public records that allow you to conduct an accurate and professional inmate search.

The only details you will need to provide on GoLookUp inmate search query are the first name and the last name of the inmate in question. The moment you do that, GoLookUp begins to scan all Iowa public records to search for the inmate you need to find. The results are provided to you within minutes, so you do not have to wait for days before you find out the location of a certain inmate.

The accurate Iowa inmate search on GoLookUp is based on the state’s official public records, so you can be certain that all the information you receive is reliable. If you need to run several Iowa inmate searches, you can do so with no extra charge thanks to the fact that GoLookUp provides unlimited background checks.

The professional Iowa public records website also makes sure to protect all its users by using the most current anti-hacking software, and protection software. Also, with GoLookUp you can be certain that all your questions will be answered by the 24/7 expert customer support service that can help you solve any issues you may have with the Iowa inmate search, or any other service available on the website.

If you need a quick, accurate, and up-to-date Iowa inmate search, look no further than GoLookUp that will provide you with the information you need about inmates in Iowa, or any other state in the country.

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