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J Reuben Long Detention Center: Everything about J Reuben Detention Center

Situated on South Carolina’s J. Reuben Long Avenue, J. Reuben Long Detention Center is an adult jail facility, which serves the entire Horry County.  The facility’s goal is to ensure that its inmates stay in a safe and secure environment including both the prisoners and staffs alike.

The capacity of this jail is about 480 inmates on any day. The jail facility is meant for both males, as well as, females and includes those people who are in trial, have been already sentenced, and are awaiting their trial.

Locating the roster for the facility

It is quite easy to track the roster for this detention center now. That is because the dockets of its inmates are now available online. Simply search an inmate by keying in their first name and surname, subject number, booking number, housing facility, and subject number. Also, check whether they are in custody at present or not.

Whenever an inmate is searched, information about their charges and personal identifying number can be seen. However, this online database will not display mug shots of the inmates to the public.

J Reuben Long Detention Center
Money transfer to the inmates

It is simple to send money to the detention center’s inmates. There are a few ways in which money can be sent o a prisoner in J. Reuben Long Detention Center.

The easiest way to send money to an inmate is through an online transfer. The only limitation of such services is that you need to pay a fee to them. Also, the following services can be used to transfer money to the detention center’s inmates:

Ø Western Union

Ø Access Secure

Ø TouchPay

Ø JPay


How to make telephone calls with an inmate in  J Reuben Long Detention Center?

In case you do not have access to a computer, call any of the above-listed services o that a deposit can be made in the account of an inmate. There are certain designated contact numbers for J. Reuben Long Detention Center to make these calls distinct for each of these servicesHowever, it is imperative to note in this context that a fee has to be incurred even while you are making any deposit over a telephone. Please note that there is no Internet access to the inmates of this detention center.

J Reuben Long Detention Center Conway SC
How to send a package or a mail to an inmate in J Reuben Long Detention Center?

Friends and family members can send mail to the inmates by specifying a name, ID number of the inmate and followed by the name of the detention center and the complete address. Mails should also have a mention of the return address. All mails are checked before handing them over to the relevant inmates. A mail is either discarded or returned to sender when it fails inspection.

Visiting rules in J Reuben Long Detention Center

An inmate can receive visitors in J. Reuben Long Detention Center. The jail lobby always has an updated schedule for visitation, which can be picked up by the visitors.

Only two adult visitors can meet an inmate simultaneously. Visitors cannot carry anything while they are in the visitation area. There is a strict code for dressing up, which should be followed by all visitors in the detention center. These include no revealing clothes, no tank tops, no pajamas, no swimwear, no miniskirts, and no revealing clothes. In other words, visitors should be in their business casuals while visiting an inmate.

It is also expected that visitors come here in the right kind of attitude. A person may be refused visitation rights in case they come here while being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In case a visitor is below 17 years, he/she should be present along with their legal guardian.

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