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Jackson County Jail Overview, Population, Inmates, Arrests, and Information

The Jackson County Jail office has a mission to protect the community and maintain the security, safety, order, discipline and constitutional rights of people who are incarcerated in the jail. Through professionalism and teamwork, they aim to stand by this mission. They value the trust that the public has given them and will work to enhance the standing of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office as the County’s number one law enforcement agency.

Overview of Jackson County Jail
Built in 1981, Jackson County Jail can house up to 292 male and female inmates.  The jail has a kitchen, which is staffed by inmate workers and supervised by a civilian cook. Laundry is also administered by inmate workers. There are indoor and outdoor recreation spaces, and the jail also has a well-stocked library. Jackson County is a modest law library for inmates to use. It has a medical station that employs registered nurses, doctors, a dental chair, equipment, and mental health officials to cater to inmates health issues. The jail works with a local dentist for services on a contract basis.

Jackson County Jail
How many people live and work in Jackson County Jail?
Jackson County takes up 2,801 square miles, and it is home to about 205,000 people. The Jackson County Jail serves all law enforcement agencies in the area, and the Corrections Division employs an average of 70 full-time employees.  It includes deputies and support staff.

How does one contact an inmate at Jackson County Jail?
You can write Letters and deliver it by the US Postal Service. All correspondence must include your name and return address. They only allow inmates to receive mail sent through the US Postal Service. They do not accept hand, courier or commercially delivered letter. Jackson County Jail will not take mail with postage due. All the mail that comes in and go out of Jackson County Jail are subject to inspection by jail staff.

New Jail Project
The staff at Jackson County Sheriff's Office are exploring ways to help alleviate problems in the local criminal justice system that is a result of a small and obsolete jail. The website is being used to help educate citizens about the problem so that they can work toward practical solutions. Built in 1981, the current jail was established when Jackson County's population was 134,546 and designed to hold about 176 inmates. In 1985, Jackson County was sued by inmates for overcrowded conditions. The population at Jackson County is now 215,000 and growing.

Jackson County Jail Docket
Modifications to the jail are being made not to allow a total capacity of 300 inmates, which is a number that is still inadequate to address the needs of the community. In 2017, the jail housed approximately 14,000 lodgings. About half of the inmates were released before they could appear in court or pay their bail, because of the restrictions in capacity.  After they were released, many offenders went on to commit additional crimes, to be lodged in jail, and to be rereleased. 

It is known as a "revolving door," which affects liveability in the community, and it creates significant stress on local resources. In October 2018, Jackson County began the process to purchase a piece of land in North Medford upon which, they want to build a proposed new jail. Efforts are currently underway to introduce a plan to voters to approve a service district to support future jail operations.

Jackson County Jail Contact Information

You can contact Jackson County jail on their telephone number, which is 541-774-6800. You can also write to them to this address, 5179 Crater Lake Highway Central Point, Oregon 97502.

Jackson county jail docket

Jackson County Jail Docket Search

If you want to find out if a particular person is on the Jackson County jail docket, you can perform an online search for him/her. These days, there are two online directories where you can find an inmate who is on the Jackson County jail docket, and they are:

1. Jackson County Sheriff's website – the Sheriff's department at Jackson County operates an online Jackson County jail docket that you can use to find inmates in the facility. The online Jackson County jail docket contains the name of the detainees in the facility, their mugshots, booking number, booking date, and arrest date. With the help of the list, you will be able to track down the inmate that you are searching for and find out if they are held in the facility. For a quick search, you can type in the name of the particular inmate that you want to find into the Jackson County jail docket directory.

2. GoLookUp inmate search – another way to perform a Jackson County jail docket inmate search is to use a public records search directory, like GoLookUp. After you enter the name of the inmate that you are searching into the website's directory, it will provide you with the inmate's criminal records, whether they are on the Jackson County jail docket, or if they have been booked/transferred to another facility.

Jackson County Inmate Search

If you want to search for inmates in other facilities in Jackson County, you can perform a Jackson County Inmate Search on GoLookUp. Like with the jail search, you need to type in the name of the person that you are searching when performing a Jackson County Inmate Search. After the directory has this information, it will scan arrest records to find the data you need. The search results will be provided to you in a report that contains the inmate's personal records, and their arrest records. with the Jackson County Inmate Search, you will be able to find out where inmates are held, and get in touch with them if you need to do so.

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