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Jones County Jail Overview
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The Jones County Jail is housed in the basement of Jones County Courthouse. It is a 21-bed facility. There is an 18-bed section which was built in 1939, same as the courthouse. In 2009, a 3-bed section was built to house females.

Jones County Jail Overview

The objective of the jail complex is to provide exceptional security for the citizens residing in Jones County. The safety of the staff and inmates at the detention center is also prioritized. All of this is provided at affordable pricing in all professional efficiency. The staff at the facility has been trained to work towards this goal responsibly and effectively.

Its user constituencies, i.e., the visitors to the center, the inmates and facility staff as well as any other professionals who come and go strive to uphold Safety, Security and Service.

The staff of the jail tries their best to minimize prisoner idleness and to promote human dignity wherever possible.

Operational costs are checked with the use of inmate labor in departments such as food, laundry services, and facility sanitation.

Jones County detention center History

The Old Jones County Jail Mississippi was shaped out of bricks salvaged from the ruins of the Jones County Courthouse which was burned down during the Civil War.

Jones County Jail

Jones County Jail Current Information

Medical care at the jail facility is provided by Southern Health Partners. A contract nurse works at the jail for 9 hours a week. An on-call nurse is always present to advise detention officers on how to manage inmate health complaints. Officers are prohibited from discussing inmate illness or treatment with their family members. Inmates are made to pay for prescription medicine to keep the cost of inmate medical care low. Inmates who cannot pay for their medication at the time are also provided with necessary medication, the cost of which is deducted when they receive money from outside.

Inmates serving their time at the jail have visitation privileges of one visit per week — these visit last 20 minutes. Thursday is visitation day, and visitors are allowed from 1pm-5pm. Visitation privileges can be revoked for inmates with disciplinary restrictions. Inmates serving weekend sentences are not allowed visitations. The inmate's job is to draw up a list by Wednesday which they have to hand into the Jones County jail Mississippi staff. The list should contain the names of three people they want visits from. Only three of these approved visitors will be allowed to pay a visit at the same time.

The commissary company Oasis Management Systems, Inc handles inmate commissary needs of the Jones County Jail Mississippi. Jail inmates can purchase eatables and hygiene products from the commissary every week. Family members are allowed to drop off money orders for the inmates.

Jones County detention center Number of Inmates

Jonas County Jail Mississippi houses 168 inmates as of present day.

Jones County Jail Docket

Jones County Jail Mississippi Contact Information

Anybody wishing to communicate with the inmates of Jones County Jail Mississippi is encouraged to write to them at C/O Jones County Jail, 792 Hwy 58 South, Trenton, NC 28585. All mail is searched for contraband before being handed over to the inmate it is addressed to. Legal mail is searched in the presence of the inmate.

People in Charge of the Jones County detention center

The jail administrator responsible for all daily operations of the Jones County Jail is Captain Guy E. Mosteller. He has been in service with the Sheriff's Office since December 15, 1986. He also doubles times as P.O.S.T certified instructor and teaches classes for the department quite regularly. Formerly, he used to work as a shift supervisor for the uniform patrol guard. You can call him at 478-986-4992 or send him a mail at to get in touch with him.

Jones County arrest docket
Jones County Jail Inmate Search

Searching for inmates in the Jones County detention center allows you to contact them and use the inmates' visitation rights to see them in the facility. To perform the search, you can use one of two online directories available to you at all times:

Jones County arrest docket search – the Jones County Sheriff, operates an online Jones County arrest docket that can help you track down inmates based on their name and identifying details. When you enter the name of the person you are searching, you will be able to find out if they are incarcerated in the facility, if they were held in Jones County Jail in the past, or if they were moved to Jones County Jail Mississippi.

Inmate search directory – aside from the sheriff's Jones County detention center arrest docket, you can use GoLookUp's inmate search directory that performs accurate searches by scanning public records. To use the service, you will need to enter the name of the person you want to find into the inmate search directory.

Jones County Arrest Records
By using the search engine, you can find inmates in the Jones County Jail quickly and easily. When the search is complete, you will get the person's information, including their arrest records, criminal records, booking data and more. The data will help you find out if a certain person is currently held in the Jones County Jail Mississippi, or if they are in another facility.

Jones County Arrest Records Search

If you want to perform a Jones County arrest records search, you can do so by using GoLookUp; to perform the Jones County arrest records query, all that you have to do is one of GoLookUp's public records directories. The website provides a name-search, a reverse phone number search, a reverse email lookup, and a reverse address lookup.

When you provide GoLookUp with one identifying detail about the person in question, it will begin to scan public records and collect information from them. When the Jones County arrest records search is complete, you will get a criminal records' to report about the person in question. The report will include the person's first name, last name, aliases, arrest records, criminal records, contact information, and much more.  

Jones County Mugshots and Arrest Records

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