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Las Vegas County Jail: Everything about Las Vegas County Jail  

If someone commits a crime in Las Vegas, Nevada, and if the police arrests the person, he or she will most likely be sent for custody to "CCDC" or the Clark County Detention Center. 

Overview of Las Vegas County Jail of the Clark  County Detention Center

The Clark County Detention Center (CCDC) is among the largest jails in the whole state of Nevada. The mission of the jail is to make available to the citizens of the county a secure, safe, and supportive environment that facilitates corrections. As far as the funding for the jail is concerned, it is the state law that determines how funds are made available to this jail system. As per this law, the sheriff of the Las Vegas County is responsible for running the jail for which funds come solely from the government as well as from the tax base of the county.

Those who are arrested in the patrol areas of the county are housed in the CCDC. Since Las Vegas City has its jail, the detention center does not house those who commit misdemeanors in the city. Additionally, CCDC houses people who have to be extradited to a different jurisdiction, those in whose cases a trial or a bail hearing is pending or imminent, or those who are serving sentences of 364 days or less.

If someone wants to find an inmate in the Las Vegas County Jail, they should do their search using one of the three fields of the last name, first name, or the inmate ID.

Las Vegas County Jail

Las Vegas County Jail History

It was in July 1973 LVMPD, or the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department was formed by merging the Sheriff's department of the  Clark County and the Las Vegas Police Department. The services of LVMPD are available within Las Vegas city limits as well as Clark County's unincorporated areas.

There were some budgetary and jurisdictional issues for the Clark County Sheriff's Department and the Las Vegas Police Department during the 1970s. Residents of the metropolitan areas were calling the wrong agency for reporting crimes, and this led to several problems that include delays in the responses they wanted to have.

 Not only that, both these agencies were under-staffed. There was a lot of duplication in record-keeping as well as in ways of carrying out the administrative functions. So, the top officials decided that consolidation of the two agencies and entrusting the task of running the consolidated entity to the Clark County Sheriff would be a better and more viable option.

Another reason for this decision was the Sheriff was an elected official. After a lot of deliberations, the state legislature of Nevada passed the legislation required for this merger, and this came into effect during the year 1973.

Clark County Jail Las Vegas

Las Vegas County Jail Current information

During October 2018, a new grant of $700,000 has been allotted to Las Vegas County Jail and the Metro Police. Authorities are of the firm opinion that these funds will help them combat over-incarceration.

Las Vegas County Jail Contact Information

Address of the jail in Clark County Detention Center 330 S Casino Center Blvd Las Vegas, Nevada 89101. 

Email address is

Telephone(702) 671-3900

Current Incharge of Clark County Detention Center

The current Sheriff of CCDC or Clark County is Joe Lombardo. He assumed office on 5th of January, 2015. The prevalent rank structure is as follows: 

Under the Sheriff, there is an Undersheriff and an Assistant Sheriff. Other officials in the office of the Sheriff are Deputy Chief/Chief of Detention, Captain/Corrections Captain, Lieutenant/Corrections Lieutenant, Sergeant/Corrections Sergeant, and Police Officer I / Police Officer II / Corrections Officer. 

To summarize, despite being one among the largest jail and detention systems in the Nevada state, CCDC is taking all possible steps for making available to the citizens living in the county a secure, safe, and supportive environment.

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