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Laurens County Jail Overview, Population, Inmates, Arrests, and Information

The Laurens County Detention Center and Jail fall under the administration of the Laurens County Sheriff's Office. Sheriff Don Reynolds oversees the judicial function in his County. Captain Kathy Tucker is the Commander-in-chief for the Detention Centre. It is located on Templeton Road, Laurens, SC29360, South California.

Laurens County Jail Overview

The Laurens County Detention Services Division upholds law and decorum in Laurens County by detaining individuals arrested and accused of committing criminal offenses. It provides pre-trial incarceration in a safe and sanitary atmosphere. The goal of the Detention Centre is to provide effective service in a cost-effective manner without compromising on inmate wellbeing – both mental and physical. The administrative body ensures that all State and local jail standards are complied with. Management and staff personnel are provided with realistic career development, strategic planning, training, and safety.

Laurens County Jail
Laurens County Jail Population

The Laurens County Jail admits prisoners after an arrest or transfer from a detention center. There are about 42, 945 inmates housed in the jail. Private cells are available for controversial or overtly violent criminals. The jail is bound by certain health and medical restriction and as a result, has to provide medical care to every inmate. The number of female inmates is higher than male inmates, at 21,903 women and 21, 042 men. 69.1% of the jail population is American, 26.7% African American with a significant proportion of the Latino population and a smattering of Asians.

Laurens County Jail Related Information

The arrest rate in Laurence County is estimated at 4,465.6. The local jail rate is 489. The average number of people that spend jail-time every day is 210. Two hundred thirteen of the population is under confinement. The pretrial rate stands at 414. The jail admission rate is 6,541. The jail admits count is 2,809. The annual prisoner count of Laurens County Jail, CA is 42,945.


Laurens County Jail Arrests

Property crimes take center stage in Laurens County. Almost 40.7% of the total crime committed in the county is made up of property crime. Property crime cases number around 1,041. Murder and non-negligent manslaughter are committed the least here with only a 0.1% vote-share of all the crimes committed.

Larceny/theft is responsible for the most number of arrests after property crime. 23.5% cases reported are of larceny/theft. 12.9% share of the crime is attributed to burglary. Only 9.2% of the total crime reflects violent crimes committed in the county. Aggravated assault contributes 8.2% to the crime share, and motor vehicle theft claims a king’s share of the remaining which also includes arson, revised rape and so on.

Laurens County Jail Mugshots

Laurens County Jail Visitation

The Laurens County Jail is open for visitation from Monday-Sunday, 8-10am, and 1-7pm. All visitors are requested to carry a valid photo ID. Trustee visits for males are allowed on Saturdays, 6-7.30pm/7.30-9pm, and 1-4pm, on the same day for women. Approved visitors are permitted to visit for up to 1hour and 30 minutes. Trustees are advised to come in 5 minutes before their visitation time, so they did not miss the time scheduled for them and made to wait until the next scheduled visitation time. Non-trustees are allowed a maximum of a one hour visit every week. Only two visitors are let in to visit an inmate at a booth at the same time.

Laurens County Jail Contact Information

Inmates can receive mail at – (Inmate’s Name), Laurens County Detention Center, P.O. Box 329. Laurens, SC 29360. The Laurence County Jail Operations Center can be reached by telephone at 864-683-4055.


The Laurens County Jail is an effort to maintain the safety and security of Laurens County by the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office. It also aims to provide rehabilitation to its inmates.

Laurens County Inmate Search

If you want to invoke visitation or contact rights in Laurens County jail, you need to make sure the person you are searching is currently held in the facility. Why? Because there are cases where inmates get transferred to a new facility, so you need to perform a Laurens County inmate search before you try to contact an inmate in the jail. To make a Laurens County inmate search, use one of these easy to use inmate search directories available to you at all times:

1. Laurens County sheriff's list – the local sheriff at Laurens County provides an online list on inmates in the county jail. To find a particular inmate, all you have to do is scroll down and search the name of the person. The Laurens County inmate search list is updated daily, so if you are searching for recent bookings, allow 24 hours to pass before you perform the query.

2. GoLookUp – the website performed inmate search services by scanning public records and collecting information from them. To perform a Laurens County inmate search, enter the first name and the last name of the inmate you want to find. Within minutes, you will receive a report containing the inmate's data, including criminal records and whether they are currently held in Laurens County jail.


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