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Maine Inmate Search

The state of Maine has a population of 1.336 million residents, and it is considered one of the smallest states in the unions. Out of all the people in Maine, there are 4,900 inmates that are located in different correctional facilities. As of today, there are 2,200 inmates in state prisons, 2,100 inmates in local jails, 460 inmates in federal prisons, and 160 inmates in youth correctional facilities.

To locate a certain inmate in the Maine correctional system, you can use either the state’s inmate search service, or an online inmate search. Online search services can be free, or paid for, and now you can find out the difference between the two kinds, and also how to get the most accurates results for your search.

Maine Inmate Search

Maine Crime in Numbers

The incarceration rate in Maine has gone up over the past for decades, as a result of a rise in crime rates. The violent crime rate in Main is 124 crimes per every 100,000 residents (1,648 crimes a year), and the property crime rate in Maine is 1,646 crimes per every 100,000 residents (21,912 crimes a year).

Despite the rise in crime rates and incarceration rates in Maine, the chances of falling victim to a crime in the state is the relatively low - 1 in 808.

Searching for Inmates in Maine

The state of Maine allows residents to conduct an adult prisoners/probationers search, with an online Department of Corrections Prisoner Search. To find the inmate you are searching for, you will need to enter their MDOC number, full name, and other identifying details, such as age range, ethnicity, offense type, and more.

You can also conduct a free Maine inmate search that allows you to search for them based on their name. While the free service can be very tempting, you need to know about the faults that websites that provide such services have several faults:

  1. Lack of information -  free inmate search sites do not have full access to public records, so they cannot provide you with information about any all the inmates in Maine.
  2. Lack of protection - free inmate search sites do not have a protection system that is intended to secure their users’ data. This means that you can be hacked and have your searches revealed to others.
  3. Lack of a customer support service - if you have any issues when using a free inmate search website, you will not be able to receive assistance from a customer support service.

Aside from free inmate search websites that do not have any usage fees, there are also websites that are only advertised themselves as free. You will be able to receive a few pieces of information about the inmate you are searching for, but any additional data will require you to pay.

Inmate Search Maine

An Accurate Inmate Search in Maine

The most efficient way to way to conduct a Maine inmate search is to use GoLookUp - a website that has full access to public records in the state. By entering the full name of a certain inmate to GoLookUp’s inmate search engine, you will be able to find their location, as well as their mugshots, convictions, criminal records, and much more.

GoLookUp’s access to public records helps reveal background check information quickly and easily. The search results are provided to users within a few moments, so you will not have to wait for the data you are searching for.

Aside for the full inmate search service, that you can use to find inmates in Maine and other states, GoLookUp also operates a customer support service that will provide you with assistance about any questions.

The security system on GoLookUp makes for a %100 safe inmate search service, so you can be certain that you get the best inmate locator search available today.

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