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Oakland County Jail Information

The Oakland Sheriff’s Office which houses the Oakland County Jail is one of the biggest “full-service” sheriff’s office within the state of Michigan. The jail is currently operating with a current population of 1.2 million residents with over 343,000 being law enforcement employees who are employed through contracts from 15 different regions.

The Jail was established in 1973 and also has a maximum security wing and a general population capacity of 440 inmates. There are holding tanks and observation cells available in the jail which can house around 156 inmates.

Oakland County Jail Facilities Overview

The Oakland County Jail operates a 24 x 7 health clinic which has seven single cells. The annex, which is a direct supervision facility, was completed in March 1989. The annex is attached to main jail and has a housing capacity of more than 487 additional inmates. The sheriffs are bound by the statue for responsibly operating the jail which includes proper care and custody of the inmates. Some of the various activities that fall under this are mentioned below.

Oakland County Jail

  • Providing all the inmates with proper foods and medical services at the right time.
  • Providing proper clothing for jail providing the receipt of private clothing for appearing in court.
  • Maintaining the safety and security of the facilities taking all aspects into consideration including environmental harm.
  • Providing various kinds of support programs such as counseling, adult education classes, crisis intervention models and others.
  • Having programs for inmate recreation, visitation hours and chaplaincy services.

Apart from this, the Sheriff's Office also operates a Corrective Services Satellite Division which consists the East Annex and the Court Services. The Corrective Services Satellite Division admits close to 25,000 new inmates every year. There has been a problem of overcrowding reported in the Corrective Services Satellite Division. There are legislative changes being made to the facilities with innovative programs to conduct the operation of the jail through manageable populations. These initiatives are being undertaken by Oakland County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council along with the Sheriff's Office.

Details about various Oakland County Jail Inmate Programs

There are quite a few general and court-ordered inmate programs conducted by the Sheriff's Office to take better care of the inmates in custody. These services are available to inmates with urgent needs or upon request or referral. Some of the initiatives that come under the General Program are:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous group therapies and meetings. This is the traditional 12-step program that meets in groups and has volunteer programs for those successful in rehabilitation.
Oakland County Jail Inmates
  • There are three kinds of caseworkers present in Oakland County Jail for psychiatric assessment and referral, various kinds of crisis intervention programs and suicide identification and prevention program. If the inmate has a history of psychiatric treatment or is in need of one after being brought into the facilities, then a caseworker is allowed to meet with the inmate and offer assessment and subsequent referral to a psychiatrist within the jail.
  • There are various kinds of adult education classes conducted in conjunction with Hazel Park Schools which helps inmates obtain their GED or high school diploma.
  • There are various kinds of jail community programs such as Hazel that provides support to various female inmates who have been victims of domestic violence or have been in abusive relationships.

For visitation rights, all visitors must create an account and register the date the time of visitation with the Sheriff's office. There is no visitation allowed on Mondays and Tuesdays except professional staff visits. The visiting time for family and friends are on Wednesday till Friday from 1 PM to 8 PM and Saturdays and Sundays from 9 AM till 4 PM.

Oakland County Inmate Search
Oakland County Jail Inmate Search

Performing an Oakland County jail inmate search is easier than before these days thanks to online directories that can conduct the search for you. If you want to invoke contacting and visitation rights of inmates who are held in Oakland County jail, you need to make sure they are indeed held in this facility. To perform an online Oakland County inmate search, you can use the two following directories available to you at all times:

1. Oakland County inmate search on the Sheriff's site – you can search for inmates who are incarcerated in Oakland County jail by using the Sheriff's online search directory. To perform the Oakland County jail search, type in the first name and last name of the inmate you are searching. Aside from the name-directory, you can also perform an Oakland County inmate search with the online roster in the sheriff's site. The names of the inmates in Oakland County jail are alphabetically listed on the sheriff's website, so you can search for a particular inmate based on their name.

2. GoLookUp inmate search directory – another method for performing an Oakland County inmate search is by using GoLookUp's inmate search directory. Much like the sheriff's site, to find an inmate with GoLookUp, you will need to type in their name into the directory. Once you do, the search engine on the site will scan public records and provide you with a full criminal records' report, including whether the person you are searching is held in Oakland County jail.

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