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Oklahoma County Jail Overview: Population, Inmates, Arrests, and Information

The Oklahoma County Detention Center is the largest of its kind with over 450 employees, who are responsible for providing welfare, custody, services, and programs for roughly 2700 inmates on a day to day basis.

The facility is spread across 268,000 square-feet of the area and is estimated to have a capacity for housing 2,890 inmates, making it the largest in the state. For the sake of increasing the efficiency of operations, the detention center was merged with the Oklahoma City Jail in 1991.

Oklahoma County Jail Security

Security operations in the detention center are supervised by the Captain. However, a shift commander, such as a lieutenant or more senior person, will be present at the site 24 hours a day. This person is responsible for ensuring the security and safety of the facility, which entails implementing emergency plans.

The Shift Commander is also required to take over the supervision of the inmate housing operation in the absence of the Unit Manager. Special search operations are carried out on a periodic basis to prevent contraband from entering the facility’s premises.

Oklahoma County Jail
Oklahoma County Jail Camera Surveillance

Security and safety are further enhancing vis round the clock camera surveillance. The cameras are monitored by detention employees, located at central spots. All inmate rooms and areas are monitored via the surveillance systems, ensuring inmate accountability and improved security.

Cameras are also located within each cell to monitor inmates. This allows the detention center to monitor inmates and respond immediately to inmate emergencies at any given time.


Oklahoma County Jail Inmate Housing Assignment Method

Classification officers are hired to carry out an assessment of each inmate and develop a classification file for each of them. The assessment focuses on inmate behavior and any kind of special needs an inmate may have.

Based on the findings of the assessment and other factors, a decision is made concerning the housing assignment for each inmate. This includes determining which of the 28 housing units are apt for the inmate, the security level, and whether or not the inmate is eligible for a program assignment or a job.

The classification of inmates was implemented at 100% in 2000. It has resulted in the effective use of staff, effective use of cell space, and the lowering of inmate incidents.

Oklahoma County Jail Inmate Search
Unit Management Search & Contraband Control Unit

A unit is defined as a self-contained living space that includes rooms, cells, program areas, exercise areas, and office space for the unit staff. There are four pods in each unit. Each unit is overseen by a unit manager, who is required to be present 24x7.

Under the unit manager’s supervision, detention officers attend to matters such as inmate security, programs, and services. Each housing unit is managed by a unit team, consisting of permanent employees that are hired for this very purpose.

The unit staff is made up of the unit manager, the unit supervisor, and detention officers, who are responsible for ensuring security and supervision. They are also responsible for maintaining sanitation, overseeing services, and managing clerical staff.

Oklahoma County Jail Records Division

The Oklahoma County Records Division is tasked with maintaining the records of arrests and imprisonments at the Oklahoma County Detention Center. An estimated 3000 inmates are reportedly processed into the detention center.

Fresh booking information is collected for each inmate on a monthly basis and entered into their permanent file.

In 2003, a Scanning Section was added to the Record Department. This section carries out the digital scanning of records from the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office. A dedicated team scans and electronically stores documents, making them accessible at the click of a button.


Oklahoma County Jail Inmate Visitation

Visitors can arrive in Oklahoma County jail to visit with inmates, but they must be identified at first. To verify your identity, you can either make a deposit to an inmate's account/phone number or create a visit account. To make visits easier, the Oklahoma County Jail offers several communications method for inmates and their family and friends:

  • Video visits – the jail has visitation stations for video visits. Visiting is determined based on the inmate's location at the time of the visit, and the visit times are from 1:30 p.m. to 4 and 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Free visits – each inmate is allowed 1 free visit per week, and unused visits cannot be carried over to the following weeks.
  • Video visit from computers – if you wish to communicate with an inmate from a distance, you can use a web browser to do so. By using a microphone, a webcam, speakers and high-speed internet, you can talk to inmates in the Oklahoma County jail. Each online conversation with an inmate counts for one visit, and they are scheduled like local visits. The cost of one remote visit is 7.50 for 15 minutes.

Other Types of Visits

  • Visits with DOC (Department Of Corrections) innates take place seven days a week, and begin at 10 a.m. If you want to visit with a DOC inmate, you will need to schedule a visit at (405) -713-2015.

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