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Orange County Jail, located in Orange County, Orlando, Florida, was established to house arrested criminals in the hugely populated county. Under the Orange County Sheriff Department which is headed by John W. Mina, elected Orange County Sheriff in 2018, the jail has four main facilities – the Booking and Release Center, Direct Supervision Facilities, Work Release Center and the Main Facility Jail.

Orange County Jail facilities in detail

Orange County Jail is well-equipped, and this can be seen in each of the facilities. The Booking and Release Center (also called Booking and Release Center Orlando) has 592 beds, medical and mental health treatment units, three courtrooms that have public galleries, and offices for the State Attorney, Judiciary and Public Defender are located here as well. Moreover, this facility enables booking, the first court appearance, as well as release in just one location. The Orange County Booking and Release Center Orlando was open on June 30, 2006, which resulted in many operational improvements. A Jail Oversight Commission was then formed to examine practices and procedures related to four areas: case processing, medical/mental health and substance abuse issues, jail staffing, and the use of technology.

The Direct Supervision Facilities has a Female Detention Center, with 652 beds, a Horizon Facility with 768 beds, a Genesis Facility with 220 beds, a Phoenix Facility with 288 beds, and a Whitcomb Facility with a capacity of 224 beds. What differentiates Direction Supervision Facilities is that there are no barriers between the inmates and the officers, and the inmates are given assignments based on factors like charges, escape risk and behavior. In addition, these facilities are more cost-effective and require a fewer number of officers to oversee the inmates.

Orange County Jail

The Main Facility of Orange County Jail is like any traditional, normal jail, and has a capacity of 1.053 beds. On the other hand, the Work Release Center, which offers dormitory-style housing, is for inmates who are serving their sentences while working and contributing towards the community. They pay taxes, earn a steady income to support themselves and their families, while also paying victim restitution and any other court-ordered fees. The Work Release Center has the capacity to house a total number of 308 inmates.

Weapons of any sort, as well as alcohol and narcotics,  are prohibited from coming into any of the facilities.

Orange County crime rate

Orange County, Florida, has been experiencing a spike in violent crime. By August 2019 there had already been 40 homicides in the county, a steep increase on the entire numbers for 2018. The sheriff's office made more than 3,500 arrests between January and August, with hundreds tied to drugs, guns, and gang-related violations. 8 of the 40 recorded homicides this year were domestic-related. Murders have risen from 42 in 2017 to 55 in 2018. Similarly, forcible sex offenses have gone up from 658 in 2017 to 715 in 2018.

However, overall crime is on the decline, dropping 7% from 28,403 offenses in 2017 to 26,277 in 2018.

Inmate programs available at Orange County Jail

Orange County Jail offers a number of programs that will benefit the inmates and help in the reduction of criminal and risky behavior, as well as aid them in their return to society. Such programs are aimed at reducing criminal behavior and include activities such as vocational training, life skills, substance abuse education, veteran’s services, financial literacy, scholarship application assistance, parenting and fatherhood, cognitive behavioral change and more. The jail partners with various community and faith-based organizations to provide these.

For inmates who are interested in religious and spiritual programs, Orange County Jail also offers a number of options through Chaplain Ministries. These programs are aimed at meeting the religious needs of the inmates and guiding them towards a better, more positive path.

Currently, the Orange County Corrections Department has partnered with Orange County Jail Ministries Incorporated, Good News Jail and Prison Ministries, and The Spanish Jail Ministry in order to nurture the inmates’ spiritual needs, no matter what their faith may be.

Sheriff Department

Orange County Jail inmates

Currently, there are about 3,000 inmates in Orange County Jail. Almost a third of the total inmate population has some sort of mental illness, with many of them on psychotropic medication. To provide these inmates with the assistance they require, the jail has 18 employees including a psychologist, a psychiatrist as well as 12 mental health counselors.  With a $2.7 million budget, there is also a pharmacy that gives out as many as 7,000 prescriptions every month to the county jail inmates.

For inmates suffering from moderate to severe mental illness, a total number of 140 beds have been made available. However, for those inmates who pose a threat to others as well as themselves, padded jail cells are available.

Orange County Jail can be contacted by phone at (407) 836-3400 or through their postal address Orange County Corrections Department, P.O. Box 4970, Orlando, FL 32802-4970.

Orange County Jail Inmate

Orange County Jail inmate search

Anyone who wants to perform a 'whos in jail orange county' search can do so online by using one of two methods. The Orange County Jail inmate query can be performed whenever you need to contact an inmate, confirm if they are held in Orange County Jail, or schedule a visit.

1. Orange County government website – the online government directory gets updated every 30 minutes, so you can find out who is in jail in Orange County at all hours of the day. To use the directory, you need to enter the last name of the person you are searching for (mandatory), and their first name (optional). The data on the website includes booking photos, charges, and bond amounts.

2. GoLookUp inmate search directory – the inmate search directory on GoLookUp allows you to perform as many searches as you need about Orange County Jail inmates. To perform an Orange County Jail inmate search or even a more general Florida inmate search, you need to enter the full name of the inmate into the directory on the site. Based on that name, GoLookUp's search engine will gather data from public records and collect it into a report. In the report, you will find the inmate's charges and criminal information, as well as their booking information in Orange County Jail or in other facilities.

If you cannot find an inmate with a name-based Orange County inmate locator, you can use other directories. GoLookUp and similar background check websites provide their users with several directories that you can choose from. Aside from the name search, you can use an Orange County inmate locator that is based on a phone number, address, or email.

Once you enter one of these details into the directory of your choosing, you will get an Orange County inmate locator report that details the criminal records of the person that you are searching for. In those records, you will see the booking information of the person in question, the arresting authority, and where they are currently held.

You can also perform a free OC inmate search with free public records search sites; with these websites, you need to enter the first name and the last name of the inmate in question. Then, the OC inmate search will begin. However, it is important for you to know that you will not always find the information you need. Why? Because free public records' websites do not have full access to public records that require payment. So, for an accurate OC inmate search, you need to use a professional website that will provide you with all the data that you need, like GoLookUp. 


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