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Pulaski County Jail Information
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The Pulaski County Jail or Detention Facility is located at 3201 West Roosevelt Road, Little Rock, Arkansas. The facility was established in 1994 and is the biggest detention facility in the state of Arkansas holding more than 1200 detainees on a regular basis. The Pulaski Detention Facility is the only long-term detention facility in the entire Pulaski County which entails them supporting about 12 different law enforcement agencies and 33 state and local courts.

The Pulaski State Jail implements the “direct supervision” methodology in their jail for managing the inmates. This has allowed them to maintain order and security in an optimized manner leading to cost reduction — there multiple departments within the county detention center that are responsible for various operations within the facility.

Pulaski County Jail Housing and Security

The security personnel who are in the housing and security department are tasked with the care and supervision of all the inmates. There are various units within this department, and they all operate in a manner that is constitutionally right, safe for the inmate and provides security as per the operational guidelines. All the activities are carried out as per the Federal, local and state laws. The deputies in each unit have the responsibility of clean, healthy and safe environment for their inmates. They also need to ensure proper decorum, routine, and timelines. Preventing the escape of inmates and maintaining the safety of staff is one of the most important aspects of their job.

Pulaski County Jail

Pulaski County Jail The Court Liaison Office

The Court Liaison Office is responsible for managing communications and activities between the Pulaski County Detention Center and more than 30 districts, federal and circuit courts. One of the main responsibilities of the liaison office is to ensure that any inmate who has been booked into this facility is seen by the court in the allocated time frame as dictated by the law. Every day, a list is prepared by the personnel of the department regarding the transport of various inmates to the district and circuit courts.

They also coordinate the transport and activities of public defenders and court personnel within the county jail to make sure that their activities and proceedings happen without any delay or hitch. The Court Liaison Office is also responsible for all kinds of data entry tasks onto computer systems, regarding inmate details, book-in processes, and other activities. This also includes processing information regarding the capture and release of inmates, court data and information, legal documents and dockets, warrants, arrest deposition reports, checks and DNA test-kits and results as procured by the court.


Pulaski County Jail Visitation

In the Pulaski County Jail, there are 'Satellite Unit inmates' you can visit once a week for 30-minute visits. To visit satellite inmates, you must schedule it 48 hours in advance. You cannot schedule inmate visits during inmates' work time (no inmate will skip work time for visits). When entering the jail, visitors must report to the main building's visitation section and get a visitors' pass. Once the pass is granted, visitors will be given directions to help them get to the visitors' unit. There is a three-person limit within the jail, so prisoners cannot receive more than 3 visitors at a time. Visitors who are late for their scheduled visits by 10 minutes or more will not be given permission to visit the inmate they came to see.

In cases of professional visitors, like attorneys, there are priority visits. As with regular visitors, professional visitors cannot pass on anything to the inmates they visit. In case of religious volunteer visits, prisoners can be given pamphlets through the facility's Chaplain. Clergies who want to visit inmates in the Pulaski County Jail must make a visitation appointment and have their name on the inmate's visitation list.

Pulaski County Jail Inmate Services

The Inmate Services department is tasked with organizing various kinds of community programs and self-help initiatives. The programs are specifically designed to help inmates get back into regular society control recidivism rates among the inmate population. There instructional media, books and classroom sessions provided for the development of inmates. The Inmate Services Department works along with the court systems to provide various kinds of intervention classes for proper rehabilitation of the inmates.

Pulaski County Jail Roster

Pulaski County Jail Inmate Grievances Department

Inmates have the right to report their various grievances by filling up a grievances form and submitting to the inmate grievances office. All the recorded grievances are assessed and then forwarded to the relevant departments for action. The various departments then return the forms to the grievances department after providing proper corrective measures. The inmate is informed of the response and the action taken. Signatures of all the inmates who report grievances using the form are taken after the issue has been resolved. All the grievances are categorized, numbered and recorded in a logbook for all future references.



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