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Sacramento County Jail Overview, Population, Inmates, Arrests, and Information

Sacramento County Jail is located in Sacramento, California. It serves the county of Sacramento. Its mission is to ensure public safety by the secure detention of the people who are committed to their custody and to ensure that those persons committed to their custody are provided with a safe and humane environment with consistent treatment consistent until the end of their stay.

Sacramento County Jail Goals
The primary goals of the Main Jail are to provide safety and security to the public, inmates, and employees within the Main Jail Facility. Additionally, the jail provides the required support services that are necessary to ensure its compliance with all laws, codes, and ordinances in the treatment and care of all individuals within the Division.

Sacramento County Jail Services
The jail offers custodial and security services for incarcerated and detained individuals for the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department and other outside agencies. In doing so, the Sacramento County jail is officially responsible for the health, safety, care and welfare of those individuals who are housed in the facility, as well as for the protection of the civilian employees who provide services within the jail.

Sacramento County Jail

Sacramento County Jail Health services

Correctional Health Services administered all legally-mandated health services that are provided to adult inmates who are held in the county jail system. These services also include dental, mental, and ancillary services. Health care is both a preventive and therapeutic system and designed to provide for the physical well-being of the inmate population.
To provide the best physical and mental health services to their inmates, they have established an email address specifically to address questions or concerns about those incarcerated in our facilities.

 Visiting an inmate at Sacramento County Jail
Each inmate is authorized to two to 45-minute social visits per week from Sunday through Saturday. All inmate visitors are subject to a metal detection scan and a search.
If a visitor fails to submit to this condition, it shall be considered grounds for denial to visit.

How do I withdraw cash from an inmates account?
When you request money from an inmate’s account, you need to specify the exact amount of cash that you want to withdraw. You may be able to withdraw funds only from an inmate’s account once per custody period and just the right amount that the inmate was booked with.

Sacramento County Jail Inmate Search

What happens during Family Emergencies?
In case of any severe family emergency, you can contact the Main Jail Social Worker at 874-6345 or the Jail Chaplain at 874-7724, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. through 3:30 p.m.

Jail ride along programs
The Main Jail Ride-Along Program is six hours long. It is organized in such a way that you can experience approximately three hours in a custodial housing unit and three hours in the intake. It is not a quick tour, and the jail made a request that you stay the entire length of the Ride Along to maximize your experience. All participants going for the jail ride along are required to check in at the front counter of the Main Jail 15 minutes before their assigned time. You have to have valid identification and confirmation letter with you.

When you check in at the front desk, they will issue you a visitor badge which will need to be displayed on you at all times. You must secure all personal items before you enter the jail. Once you have checked in, you will be introduced to your Host Officer who will guide you through the ride-along. You will be requested to not wander away from the area or your assigned Host Officer. Wandering could create a delay in the host schedule and may result in the termination of your participation.

Sacramento inamte search

Sacramento County Jail Inmate Search

If you want to search for an inmate who is held in the Sacramento County Jail, you do not necessarily have to go on www sacramento county jail inmate search site. Instead, you can use the following online search directories available to you whenever you want:

Sacramento Sheriff's search directory – the Sacramento Sheriff's office provides users with search directories they can use by entering the inmate's details. In the website, you can search for inmates based on their name, their XREF number or with a California inmate locator service.

GoLookUp's inmate search directory – another online method that allows you to search for Sacramento county inmates is GoLookUp. On the website, you can search for inmates by entering their name into the search directory. After you enter the name of a particular inmate, the search engine will scan public records to provide you with criminal records of the person in question. Among other details, the criminal records on GoLookUp will let you know if the person you searched are held in the Sacramento County jail and other booking information you need to know.

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