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Travis County Jail is located in 500 W. 10th St.Austin, Texas 78701. The jail complex covers an entire block of downtown Austin that falls between 10th and 11th streets and Nueces and Guadalupe streets. The Heaman/Sweat Historic County Court House, used for hearing civil cases is the oldest building in the complex. It also contains the County Clerks Office and Law Library.

Travis County Jail Overview

The Travis County Jail (TCJ) was opened in 1986 to accommodate 286 pre-trial detainees. The main entrance of the jail faces the plaza behind the Heaman/Sweat Historic County Court House. The Blackwell Thurman Criminal Justice Centre opened right adjacent to the jail in April 2001. A direct supervision booking facility which is made use of by the entirety of Travis County is contained in its premises. The booking facility also houses an office for Austin Municipal Court. The entrance is off of 10th street by the corner of Nueces.

Since it’s a part of the Criminal Justice Center, it also contains criminal courts, the District Attorney’s office, pre-trial services, probation offices, court administration, and courthouse security.

Travis County Jail

The Travis County Sheriff’s Office Central Command Security is responsible for the protection of all these court buildings. They are tasked with screening everyone who enters the facility, maintaining the perimeter security, maintaining the security cameras and monitoring building alarms.

Inmate movement to and from the court is facilitated by the Travis County Sheriff's Office Transportation section. Additionally, they also handle court arrests, extraditions, and the person arrested on Travis County warrants in other counties.

Travis County Jail History

The Travis County Jail began its operations in July 1986 with an ability to house 267 inmates. The cost of building the jail was $20 million. The Travis County Correctional Complex was built next to accommodate the overflowing population of the Travis County Jail.


Travis County Jail Current Information

The Travis County Jail allows you to search for inmates in custody presently and schedule face-to-face visits using the official Travis County Jail website. Face-to-face visits need to be scheduled for a minimum of 24 hours in advance. You can also avail on-site and at-home video visits during regular visitation hours. Relatives of inmates can reach out to them via mail, email, and calls.

You can send an inmate commissary by using Access SecurePak. An inmate is allowed up to $100 worth weekly commissary.

You can also choose to send inmate money either by using a money order or by mailing it over. If all else fails, by using Western Union. All you will need is the inmate's full name and his/her ID#.

Travis County Jail inmate search

Travis County Jail Number of Inmates

As of November 2012, when last counted, the inmate population of Travis County Jail was 2,556.

Travis County Jail Contact Information

You can contact Travis County Jail for visitation information at 512-854-9889. If you want to email an inmate, you will have to set up a Secure Instant Mail hosted by Securus. The mailing address for Travis County Jail is 500W. 10th Street. Austin Texas 78701. For the correctional facility, write to – TCCC, 3614 Bill Price Rd., Del Valle, TX 78617.

Travis County Jail - People in Charge of the Jail

The command staff at the jail consists of Sheriff Sally Hernandez at the head and Anthony Johnson, Chief Deputy officer after her. The administration and support bureau is made up of Major Wes Priddy, Captains Xavier Montalvo, and Juan Sandoval. Major Nelda Pena, Captains Jonathan Ede, Michael Gottner and Maria Velasquez form the corrections bureau. Major Arthur Arevalo, Captains William Poole, Craig Smith, and Willie Taylor make up the law enforcement bureau. All of these people work day and night diligently to ensure that Travis County is a safe and crime-free county.


Travis County Jail Inmate Search

The Travis County Sheriff's office operates an online system that allows people to track down inmates who are held in the Travis County Jail. If you need to find an inmate that is currently held in the facility, you can do so by entering their first name and last name. If you are unable to find the person you are searching for, you can use an online service that will track down the inmate you are searching for.

GoLookUp provides such a service, so you can use it whenever you want to find inmates in the Travis County Jail. How does it work? To find an inmate in the Travis County Jail, or in any other facility, all you have to do is enter the name of the inmate you are searching for into the site's directory. The search engine will then scan public records that include, among other things, criminal records. After the search is complete (a matter of moments), you will receive a report on the inmate you searched. The data on the report will let you know the latest booking details of inmates, and where they were processed and held.

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