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Washington County Jail Roster

Washington County detention center is the county jail, located in Washington County, Jonesborough, Tennessee, is used to house criminal arrested under the justice system. The Detention center administration is headed by the Administrator Major Brenda Downes, with the help of an assistant administrator Captain Chris Lowe.  

The different facilities in detail

Washington County was opened in June 1995. The detention center is a part of the Sheriff’s office and employs 104 staff member to manage its operations. The detention center is 205,159 square foot in size. It has a capacity of 578 beds for inmates, both male and female.

The detention center houses state and federal inmates. Apart from those arrested in Washington County, the jail also houses those arrested by the police of Johnson city, East Tennessee public safety, Tennesse highway patrol, and Tennessee wildlife resource agency.

Federal and state contracts, phone system used by inmates, and sales from the commissary in the facility help to generate revenues for the jail.

The detention center uses live scanning fingerprint system to record details of all inmates. This ensures high-quality fingerprint records, without the problem of smudging. The fingerprints saved are clear and classifiable.

Washington County Jail

SORT is the Special Operations Response Team of the detention center, a unit to handle emergencies in the jail and to handle any critical incidents.

A medical department comprising a Physician and a dentist takes care of the health needs of inmates.

The maintenance department has four employees whose objective is to provide a safe and clean environment in the detention center for inmates. On an average four to six inmates assist the maintenance department personnel in the execution of their duties. Cleaning, sanitation, plumbing, painting, electrical maintenance, heating, ventilation, and repair of kitchen and laundry equipment are some of the functions of maintenance.

The Washington County jail has a Field Training officer program to give proper training to all new officers.

Washington County Inmate programs available

The Washington County detention center offers various programs for inmates to benefit them and to help in preparing them for the life ahead. The programs offered by the center include:

  • GED Program: The General Educational Program is offered for inmates willing to learn and get a basic qualification. Classes are held twice a week by a certified tutor. Examinations are conducted in association with the Northeast State Technical Community College.
  • Agape: This program for female inmates helps them to make choices in life, which they will not regret later. It focuses on sexual integrity.
  • Project Hope: This program educates inmates on HIV and AIDS to create awareness and educate them about risks, prevention, and
  • Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous conduct regular programs to help inmates who want to give up drinking and cigarettes.
  • Parenting class: This program for females ensures they attend the mandatory parenting program which is required before they leave jail.
  • Women’s group: This group focuses on women-related issues and includes substance abuse and anger management.
Washington County Jail Roster

Washington County Jail inmates

Presently there are 565 inmates in the detention center, as compared to the capacity of 578. Of these approximately 100 are female inmates. 110 of the total inmates are state inmates and 55 are federal inmates. The rest are pre-trial and county sentenced inmates. The officer to inmate ratio stands at an average of 1 to 56. This is taken care by direct and indirect supervision of inmates.

Washington County Jail can be contacted by phone on (423) 752-1701 or by post at the following address Detention center, 114 W .Jackson Blvd, PO Box 0097, Jonesborough, Tennessee 37659-0097.  The mail ID is

WCSO Jail Roster and Inmate Search

If you need to contact an inmate who is currently held at Washington County jail, you need to find out if they are incarcerated in the facility. Searching for inmates in the WSCO jail roster can be performed in two ways, both available online. In both cases, you will need to provide certain details about the inmate you are searching to track down the person you are searching:

1. Washington County jail inmate search directory – you can find an inmate who is listed in the WSCO jail roster on the site operated by the County. To find the person, you will need to enter their first name, last name, commission range (committed from and committed to), incarceration range (release date from and release date to) into the directory.

2. Inmate search directory – another method for searching inmates in the WSCO jail roster is by using GoLookUp's inmate search directory. The directory, which performs a public records search, will provide you with full information about the person you are searching. After you enter the name of the inmate into the directory, it will scan public records and let you know if the person has been arrested and whether they are currently held in Washington County jail.

These two search methods allow you to view Washington County MD inmate mugshots. When searching for inmate records and inmate location, it is important to have access to their mugshots/ why? Because there are times where people share the same name, and they can be confused when searching for public records.

To avoid mistaking between the identity of two people, it is important to use a service that provides you with access to mugshots, like Washington County MD inmate mugshots.  

If you are looking for inmates in correctional facilities, visit GoLookUp inmate search! 

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