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Wayne County Jail Inmate Search
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Wayne County Jail is located in Woodward Avenue in Detroit, Michigan.

The primary aim and focus of this county jail are on re-entry that involves the use of programs that target the promotion of effective reintegration of offenders back to communities upon release from prison. Their reentry program includes a comprehensive management approach that is carried out to assist offenders and help them acquire the life skills that they need to succeed in the community and become a law-abiding citizen. A variety of programs such as pre-release programs, drug rehabilitation, and vocational training, and work programs.

Wayne County jail has three divisions and a juvenile detention facility.

- Jail I is Andrew C Baird Detention facility that houses male and female inmates who are at a pretrial, being mentally assessed or sentenced.

- Division II Jail was opened in 1929 and had four dormitories that are converted into housing units with eight beds each. Now it is a linear supervision jail with a capacity to hold 770 inmates.

- Division III Jail also is known as the William Dickerson Detention facility. It was opened in 1991 with a current capacity to hold 896 inmates. It is a direct supervision type facility.

Wayne County Jail
- The Juvenile Detention Facility helps in improving a youth’s movement. It has 194 beds and can, therefore, hold that many young offenders. The Juvenile detention facility admits children over the age of eight and up to the age of 20 for charges that have occurred prior to their 17th birthday.


Wayne County Jail Overview

  1. Jail food service

Wayne County Sheriff’s Department Food Service Division ensures that all inmates housed in the Jail Divisions receive meals that are all nutritionally balanced, well-planned, and prepared and served in the manner that meets established industry standards for health and safety. They even partnered with CBM Food Service to provide food services. Meals are offered three times per day to the inmate population. They provide meals are for inmates who are traveling to court or a work assignment.

  1. Jail Chaplains Ministry

Grace Through Faith Ministries is an outreach program that helps inmates through educational, entrepreneurial, vocational programs to improve their chances of staying out of jail when they are released. Volunteers help out during the programs, and the ministry provides Bibles, food, clothing, and shelter to the convicted after they are released.

  1. Jail Health Services

They have health care clinics in Downtown Detroit and Hamtramck. They provide inmates with access to medication that is prescribed by the Jail physicians. Special housing is also provided for inmates with mental health issues who need to be kept isolated from the general population.

Wayne County Jail Inmate Search

  1. Recreation

Wayne County Jail offers a diverse range of recreational opportunities to its inmates. These activities include outdoor and indoor basketball and volleyball, checkers, chess and card games. All inmate housing units are provided with access to television, and a jail operated video system to ensure that the movies are appropriate.

New plans for Wayne County Jail

Wayne County announced that it was going to build a $553-million justice center as a solution to the long-stalled Gratiot jail project on March 7th, 2018.

County Executive Warren Evans announced that the construction that was set to begin in October and be completed by spring/summer 2022. It will house a 2,280-bed jail, offices for the sheriff's department, prosecutor's staff, a criminal courthouse, and a juvenile detention facility.

Wayne County Jail contact information

You can contact Wayne county jail through their email, which is, or their telephone number, which is, 313-224-2222.

Wayne County Jail Inmate Search

As mentioned above, you can contact inmates within Wayne County Jail using one of the methods available. To do so, you need to, first of all, find out if the person you are searching for is held in the facility. The first Wayne County Jail inmate search method is available on the local sheriff's website. The search is performed based on the person's following information: full name, booking number, global subject number, booking from a date and booking to date. The search results will be provided to you in a matter of minutes, and you can get data about inmates within the facility.

There are cases where people do not have all the details necessary to perform a Wayne County Jail sheriff's search. In these cases, you can use another inmate search directory, like the one available to you on GoLookUp. To find a particular inmate in the facility, you do not need their booking numbers. Instead, you need the full name of the person you are searching for in the Wayne County Jail. The Wayne County Jail inmate search on GoLookUp is conducted within minutes, so you can get the information you need in no time at all. When the search is complete, you will get a report on the person in question, like their booking data and arrest records. The criminal records data available on GoLookUp allows you to find out if the person you are searching for is in Wayne County Jail so you can contact them whenever you want.

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